Spanish earthquake that killed nine people was “man-made”

A major earthquake in Spain that killed nine people was triggered by the groundwater extraction, research suggests.

The magnitude 5.1 tremor struck the historic town of Lorca in south-east Spain in May last year.

In addition to the lives lost, buildings were reduced to rubble, cars flattened and more than a hundred people injured.

Now scientists say they have evidence that the disaster was man-made — the result of water being sucked out of the ground to feed domestic supplies.

Loss of the water caused stress changes in the earth’s crust along a major faultline, it is believed. The disturbance was enough to trigger a rupture in the rock, leading to the earthquake.

Scientists led by Dr Pablo Gonzalez, from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, used satellite data to map the ground deformation caused by the Lorca earthquake. They then carried out computer simulations of the fault slip.

The researchers wrote: “We conclude that the presented data and modelling results are consistent with a groundwater crustal unloading process, providing a reasonable explanation for the observed fault slip pattern.”

The findings are published in the journal ‘Nature Geoscience’.


dont take groundwater out..the lesson..but will it be learned?


~ by seeker401 on October 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Spanish earthquake that killed nine people was “man-made””

  1. Darn!

  2. The earthquake is a natural thing. It may happen at anytime. Like in indonesian earthquake was very harmful for peoples who living there. We are trying to help those who r waiting for our donation. Please visit my blog for getting more knowledge about earthquake victoms appeal.

  3. If there is any human, then he should face the consequences for killing 9 innocent humans. I’ve designed a page and I would appreciate my valued visitors to come over there and leave their comments. Encourage us by taking a Negocio A La Carta Review.

  4. The extraction of groundwater that has remained underground for thousands of years is a bigger threat to mankind than climate change. Millions of people are fed from crops grown with this water and it is beginning to run out. The IGC forecast a 40million tonnes shortfall in world grain production this year putting world grain stocks very low. If these aquifers fail (and they will because the water cannot be replaced) we will be then living in a very hungry world. It takes 1,000 tonnes of water to produce 1 tonne of wheat.

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