CHANNEL 4 News – CLAIM: Almost all names in UK pedo ring are Freemasons!


Look at the photograph above? This picture will fill Millions of Brits with pride, nostalgia and patronism. Women, old and young will inevitably coo. Men, no doubt with a look of steely determination on their faces will give a quick nod at the photo and say to themselves; “Yes mate, you know”. I look at it and want to wring the hypocrites scrawny neck. The mere sight of him makes me want to puke.

You will not spot a single tear in this abomination’s eye. And for the Daily Mail newspaper and no doubt the vast majority of others to even suggest it, is tantamount to fraud. Worse still, it officially costs the tax payer nearly half a million pound a year to view propaganda like this. Unofficially, the true cost is in the millions.

You have no idea how hard I find it to write about The Duck of Edinburgh and his family of parasitic in-breeds without descending into a torrent of foul mouthed abuse.

Strange, that I cannot  recall the old fart, pictured here all dressed up in his sailor suit so as to con the gullible nation into thinking he is some kind of battled hardened war hero, doing the same last year. Well certainly not with the same amount of press exposure as we see in the Daily Mail today. I may be wrong of course, but I doubt it.

In truth this is nothing more than a fake photo opportunity, staged by a nervous Royal family, who are acutely aware that if they are not very careful, their house of cards could quickly come tumbling down right about now. In fact, there is as much sincerity on show as there are tears in the perverted old git’s eyes. Cry for our heroic war dead? Don’t make me laugh. The old pervert is  doing nothing more than trying to get the nation on side before the truth comes out about him and his odious family.

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the video has the truth..from people who would know..and underneath it I have attached an article documenting the fucked up lives and lifestyles of the royal germans of england..i think the 2 things are fact i know they are..but we want the light to shine on these cockroaches..if there is any connection between savile and buckingham palace and pedo rings and child abuse then it must be exposed..

and masons will cry and claim victimization..but its what we expected from the high ranking members of an ancient cult based on power sex and energy..and we dont mean the 32 and unders..they are just ignorant tools..


~ by seeker401 on November 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “CHANNEL 4 News – CLAIM: Almost all names in UK pedo ring are Freemasons!”

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  2. IMO and granted im a conspiracy theorist 😛 The farce of the BBC newsnight program miss reporting of an alleged pedo was a set up. The head of BBC resigned and internally the bbc seem to be waring. Some called for Lord Patten to resign but they were quickly silenced.

    I smelled a rat when newsnight released a tweet saying they were going to release the name of a pedo on newsnight that night. I was thinking “Were talking about child rape here not the x factor result show!”

    So here the media focus has shifted away from the pedo rings and onto the bbc itself.

    Can you tell me what coverage if any this is getting abroad?

    • its getting nothing here which is bizarre because we have just announced a child abuse royal commission..posting today

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