Renewable power to soar by 2035: IEA..RE to be 50% hydro,25% wind ,7% solar

Renewable power will become an indispensable part of the global energy mix by 2035, generating almost one-third of electricity on the planet, the International Energy Agency projected in its 2012 World Energy Outlook released Monday.

That will help cut carbon emissions, but it will also do much more, the IEA says. Bringing more renewables on-stream will also help countries to diversify their energy mix and cut down on imports, reduce the use of water resources, and curtail air pollution, the report says.

By 2035, there will be almost as much electricity generated from renewables as from coal, says the IEA, which analyzes energy data for the biggest industrialized nations.

To get there, subsidies for renewables will have to be carefully managed and consistent, the world’s transmission system will have to be upgraded, and renewable power will have to be integrated with fast-growing gas-generated power, which will provide the base-line power to the more intermittent renewable electrical feed.

About half of all renewable electricity will come from hydro power, while a quarter will come from wind, and solar photovoltaics will represent about 7.5 per cent, the IEA says.

This scenario – which is based on the current policies and commitments set out by global governments – would mark a tripling of renewable electrical generation. But much more aggressive moves by policy makers would be needed if the world is to limit global warming to two degrees above preindustrial levels, the IEA says. For that to happen, fossil fuel subsidies would have to be chopped, huge investments would be needed in carbon capture and storage, and far more support would have to be given to energy-efficiency programs.


thats nice..i have no problem with that..if its done economically and morally correct..note that solar  will not even make up 10% of it..yet its pushed on us as the great savior of our time..the only ones doing well from solar are the chinese who make the cheap panels..hydro to be 50%..sounds great doesnt it? but the greens wont let you play that RE..they only  want you having the RE they like..the ones that cant provide base wind, solar and the other mix of fantasy options..hypocrites!


~ by seeker401 on November 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Renewable power to soar by 2035: IEA..RE to be 50% hydro,25% wind ,7% solar”

  1. solar wont work under snow. there would be serious concerns for hydro in iced up rivers. wind may be a good alternative.

    they may be worried about how to transport oil and gas in a new ice age, hence the ‘stabe’ or unmoving power producers? how do you get coal to a power station, if the roads are snowed in?

    what happens when a nuke plant gets iced in?

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