Images 18/11/12


lets go..

rihanna the super skank with 3 versions of the eye..and an eye covered with a butterfly which doesnt really need an explanation..

britney going as above so below..

“europe for all” showing the various religions making up a pentagram.. including Communism?? at the top of the star??

BBC childrens show..pertinent right now inst it?..the one eye bear..hmm

i want to know what the logo is aquino is talking behind..

greeks unhappy..

obama very happy posing with the doyen of the illuminati photographers..terry richardson..

romney didnt work out that like..but the website went live anyway..oops?


~ by seeker401 on November 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Images 18/11/12”

  1. they are all in A ustralia only place for the E clipse lol
    some facts the flag of W ales is the d ragon the red d ragon and who is the p rince of W ales Eureka!!



  4. “BBC childrens show..pertinent right now inst it?..the one eye bear..hmm”

    BBC shows the one eye of a child’s bear with panties on its head. With the current mess BBC is in over Salvo you would think they would refrain from advertising who controls them and what they really really stand for. Pedafiles the whole lot of them, and apparently proud of it.

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