Images 25/11/12


a bit to cover this week..

beyonce performs in front of her masters symbol..

one eye with a butterfly..mkultra

britney sporting a pentagram..just like kanye..

goat horns from the russian mafia..

britney again with mickey mouse.. monarch programming..

assad eating a shoe..

the only flag in the world that has an ak47 on it..

broadwell getting it up in her snatch!

and finally 4 pictures from israel/gaza..the absolute pain of a child who is killed..the paradox of the palestinian child in a bunny costume hiding from armed israeli soldiers, she must be a threat?

hatred from both sides..the IDF t-shirt showing a pregnant muslim behind a rifle scope..1 shot 2 kills..and the display of justice from hamas..judge, jury and executioner..


~ by seeker401 on November 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “Images 25/11/12”

  1. I liked the assad one…

  2. BTW – russian mafia – no such thing, italian mafia – no such thing, armenian mafia – no such thing. Why? Ding! – That’s right, jewish mafia.

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