Whats going on in The Ozarks?


Conspiracy Theory – Season 3, Episode 7: “Ozarks” Dec. 19 at 10 pm ET on truTV! Could the end of days truly be upon us? Members of the international elite – including the Illuminati – seem to think so, and have chosen the Ozark Mountain region of the United States to hide out from the apocalypse. The Conspiracy Theory team finds what appears to be construction on underground cities hidden in mountain caverns and tunnels, blocking off formerly public entrances with iron bars and heavy security. An apparent influx of banks in the rural region also seems suspect, but when they hear about round the clock construction on the biggest private house in America, reportedly built entirely of military grade materials and owned by a D.C. defense contractor, Jesse suspects something big may be happening here – just below the surface.

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The stretch of U.S. 65 between Ozark and Branson has some of the Ozarks’ most impressive scenery. There are lush, rolling hills, distant horizons and, if you look east, one of the biggest homes in the United States.



Pensmore is a mansion under construction in the Ozark Mountains of Highlandville, Missouri. When completed, the home will be the private residence of Steven T. Huff and his family. It will be the largest private single-family residence in the United States. Huff is the chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems, which is doing the concrete construction work for the home. Huff at one time worked in Army intelligence and was a CIA officer. Huff later founded Sensor Systems in 1993 and served as its CEO. The company, later known as Overwatch Systems, created leading commercial software products for medical, defense and intelligence applications.



Overwatch delivers multi-source intelligence (multi-INT), geospatial analysis and custom intelligence solutions to the Department of Defense, national agencies and civilian organizations. Our solutions enable analysts to integrate and leverage multiple intelligence sources to improve situational understanding and deliver actionable intelligence in support of counter-terrorism, irregular warfare and civil applications such as climate control, ecosystem management and environmental planning.

Overwatch is at the forefront of technology innovation, providing advancements in the multi-source and geospatial intelligence fields. Among the many innovations our software solutions have been noted for include leading capabilities such as:

  • On-demand image processing
  • Multi-terabyte image support
  • Advanced 3D analysis and visualization
  • Customized, web-enabled workflow management
  • Full motion video exploitation
  • Collection and collaboration integration software
  • Human terrain socio-cultural information software
  • Multi-source intelligence fusion and predictive analysis
  • Think-to-contact intelligence software
  • Satellite communications

From protecting the Earth to protecting its inhabitants, Overwatch solutions are delivering mission-critical understanding to intelligence analysts everywhere. Whether pre-packaged or tailored to customer requirements, Overwatch solutions incorporate multi-functional, industry-leading technologies flexible enough to meet military, civil and commercial customer needs today and into the future.


i dont really get into venturas stuff..but this is worth a good look..a place called ozark..massive underground bases..and this strange man building the biggest house in america..hes the head of a company called overwatch and they are CONNECTED..very connected..nice eye in the logo as well..

can the readers offer in any more information?

thanks to isabel for the link..


~ by seeker401 on November 30, 2012.

46 Responses to “Whats going on in The Ozarks?”

  1. Just about all of the Christians believe that these are the last days. Its much of what we talk about.The rise of the Beast (Revelation 13:16-18 and 14:9-11) is soon. Hitler No. 2. China will be on the loose in the endtimes. Crossing Asia towards Israel. What happens to the USA no one is sure about. Australia could be invaded (prophecies about this). Disasters everywhere. Millions turned back to Jesus Christ. Maybe the Rapture of the church of Christ-believers? Im going to hide in plain view…in church:)

    • 🙂

    • who the fuck are you to speak for “just about all of the christians?”

      • Just about ALL of the Christians are like me. When we invited Jesus into our lives we got Gods Word and the drawing of the Holy Spirit to read it. In reading Gods Word we got to know what the future is. If you read the Bible you will know the future too:)

        • Mainstream Christianity isn’t that interested in Armageddon, it’s more peculiar to the evangelical arm and charismatics imo.

      • In a sense this is true. And many of the traditional Christians dont have that unique born-again experience that other Christians do. Many people sit in church and dont know The Holy Spirit living within them. The penties (and the born-againers wherever they are over all the churches) are the watchers. We connect modern events with Bible prophecy…i.e. the signs of the times (Matthew 24/Luke 21). Our churches really move with joy, praise and worship.

    • no rapture, the end times have nothing to do with literal jerusalem, no 7 year trib, no rebuilt temple, go to amazing facts tv, amazing discoveries tv, open up a Holy bible learn the truth from God’s word, not from man. the papacy is the prophesied beast power, not one man, please humor me check all things from scripture. God bless all we are close to his return!

  2. No worries gibson. The day will come and Mario rules will rule. He will be a good King. Hard, but fair, I hope.

  3. and maybe
    Return for Kids(Ark)

  4. Armageddon is here!

    • That dude is ready for it!

    • Armageddon is an actual place north of Israel. Its the destination of the KINGS OF THE EAST military confederacy in the Bibles endtimes. 200 million (horsemen/men in vehicles it appears). The KOTE is destined to kill 1/3 of mankind. Even now the Chinese military trains its men to shoot all civilians. Prophecies like Pastor Jack Burrells vision show part of that army in the South Pacific

      • that;s funny… the chinese military isn’t shooting civilians. but your military is. so are the militaries of your best friends, the US, the UK, and israel.

        it’s the luminaries of your western society, people like ted turner, bill gates, rockefellers, oprah, that talk about the “need” to reduce the population by as much as 80% or more.

        just more racist hypocrisy from you. jack burrell would be a second rate televangelist if he were alive today.

      • No… the PLA is just training its soldiers for shoot civilans. The allies arent. The ‘reduce the population’ folks arent all the people.They are in the minority and nothing to be feared. Their time will pass.

      • “the allies” are shooting and raping 100% innocent civilians each and every day. meanwhile you sit there and whine about a country that only wants to trade with you. and at the same time, you totally ignore the reasons why china is where she is today.

        just another western christian loser whose only tool is extreme violence. you have ZERO moral authority. so what if china makes your piece of shit country into a colony. that’s EXACTLY what you did to australia, killing almost all of the people who lived there. now you complain that china’s going to do exactly the same thing? hah!

  5. The allies are where the wealth is and the invention and Westminster. Why? We cause they have the Holy Bible. They keep the dark nations at bay with the Bible foundations. We are the great leaders in a dark world. China plans to invade the whole Pacific region. Give them no credit for being what they are… the genocidists of the future.

  6. I saw the special on truTV, and I don’t usually watch documentries like this, but I have lived in the ozarks for nearly 20 years and so it interested me.
    I do know that large building projects are not a new occurrence. I live just a few miles from a castle that was made in the late 1800’s. unfortunately it was destroyed by a fire and the still impressive ruins are now a public park. And as far as caves go, I know a few caves I could find along the waters edge. So caves literally do dot the landscape.
    The area has grown so much since I was a kid, from little fishing houses and shacks to recently many large high rise condominiums. And the Ozarks are now the destination for celebrities as many actors and actresses have mansions in the area.
    I don’t think it’s really a conspiracy so much as its a fact that the area has grown so tremendously, attracting not only wealthy, but average and less wealthy people too. And when wealthy people are interested in an area, it also means that there interested in making investments in that area too. Much like my parents were interested in making fallout shelters during the Cold War – and keeping it secret from there neighbors.

  7. […] Whats going on in The Ozarks? (seeker401.wordpress.com) […]

  8. Im from Arkansas i have been noticing banks popping up everywhere in my town. My take on it is the banks launder money for the big corporations like Walmart or The federal reserve is going to funnel the last of its money to these banks. Notice that alot of these banks are not the big dog banks they are called things like southern bank core,bank of the Ozarks, or Harvest. Nobody knows who is building huge banks in one of the countries most poorest areas. I know its a preppers dream up there. Something is going on

    • It’s a follow the money trail. Small ones will lead to big ones. Thanks for posting.

    • to start a bank you have to have to file what’s called a “de novo” application which ultimately must be approved by the federal reserve – a privately owned bank.

      arkansas is rockefeller country.

      • arkansas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winthrop_Paul_Rockefeller


        The family has been awarded the annual UNA-USA’s Global Leadership Award, along with other recipients over time, including Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg. Members of the Rockefeller family into the fourth generation (especially the prominent banker and statesman David Rockefeller, who is the present family patriarch) have been heavily involved in international politics, and have donated money, established or been involved in the following major international institutions:
        The Council on Foreign Relations – David, David Jr., Nelson, John D. 3rd, John D. IV (Jay), Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
        The Trilateral Commission – David, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
        The Bilderberg Group – David, John D. IV.
        The Asia Society – John D. 3rd, John D. IV, Charles, David.
        The Population Council – John D. 3rd.
        The Council of the Americas – David.
        The Group of Thirty – The Rockefeller Foundation.
        The World Economic Forum – David.
        The Brookings Institution – Junior.
        The Peterson Institute (Formerly the Institute for International Economics) – David, Monica.
        The International Executive Service Corps – David.
        The Institute for Pacific Relations – Junior.
        The League of Nations – Junior.
        The United Nations – Junior, John D. 3rd, Nelson, David, Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
        The United Nations Association – David. Monica.

  9. something is more to it than just building the castle,who in america can or has the right to hollow out a mountain an basically build a underground city under their residents,why are government dosn,t seem to be concern about it says everything.Do you think that we the people have to start standing together an hold are government responseable for for what they hide from us for the sake of our safety,with telling us what they precieve we should know reguardless how they(are government)thinks what their hiding from us protects us.we need to stand up an get new blood in are government that cares for the people not just the rich,we should not allow people who hold any branch of office in are government to be re-elected more than a couple of terms,just look at how are goverment can,t agree an in my eyes taking away are american dream,there taking away the middle class so that will have two class of people rich an poor.just remember with are vote we can change things an we need to for are children.

    • hi sharon, thanks for the comment..dont hold your breath waiting for the government to fix things..they are all batting for the same team..

    • Sharon it is OUR not ARE. Please learn to write English before making comments. This could help you in anything you choose to do.

  10. strangely you cant zoom in on google maps, when you zoom in the construction site is gone? strange i think

  11. In that cave about half way through where Shawn and White Rabbit got spooked I heard two people talking. I couldn’t hear EXACTLY what was said because of the MUSIC playing behind the audio. But it sounded like “missile would be ready in two weeks” or something to that extent.

  12. what the actual fuck?


    “It was erected in 1966 as a “Sacred Project” by Gerald L. K. Smith and stands 65.5 feet (20 meters) high.

    The statue, which is more than 67 feet (20 meters) tall”

    ok..i am going to go out on a limb here and suggest its height is really 66.6 ft..any takers?

  13. I drive by this at least two – three times a week, and have frequented Branson a thousand times and probably have been driving by this the entirety of its construction, I drive right through Highlandville, MO to get to Branson, infact, I’m driving right past this tomorrow! “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” HAH TRY THE OZARKS MOTHER FUCKER, Vegas ain’t got shit on SW MO…

  14. Pedophilia in Bush/Reagan White House 1-5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6rKsvNo7NA


  16. Whatever it is you are trying to do you will not Escape the wrath of God you can run but you can’t hide wherever you go he will be there also you people are such fools and don’t seem to understand that there is our God and he is watching you now you building this big Stone House if he comes right now and send an earthquake through the Ozarks all of those mountains will come crumbling down so you can run in the mountains and the earthquake hit and you will be sealed in there forever you people have no idea what you are doing but when the time comes you’re going to wish you can go back and change it but you can’t the same way they thought no it was an idiot when he built the ark but when the rain came everybody wanted to get on board you think about that

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