CERN upcoming test schedule December 17th-21st and Mayan thoughts on it

Here at Categorists, we are very much concerned with that which the brighter minds of this world do to occupy themselves.  Each of us is majoring in, or have majored in sciences in college (Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and last but not least, Political Science) and a project that I have personally kept close watch over is CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  This year, I have spent a great deal of time studying one of the building blocks of the physical world, quantum mechanics, only to find that there are numerous unexplained phenomenon. Apparently, a number of these answers are in the LHC.

Here is a quick synopsis of what CERN is and what the LHC does.  CERN stands for Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire, which translates to European Organization for Nuclear Research.  It’s an international organization that leads the world in laboratory particle physics research.  It is also the proud owner of the most badass particle accelerator to date: the Large Hadron Collider.  It is 17 miles long and cost 7.5 billion Euros to construct. One of its main purposes is to discover the Higgs-Boson particle, which is pretty much the final missing link to the standard model of particle physics.  Aside from that, it is theoretically capable of forming particles of infinite density and chain reaction properties (Strange Matter).  To this day, the Higgs-Boson is still theoretical and the LHC has faced many experiments and complications since it’s induction in 2008.   A large number of people believe that the experiments done at CERN could have catastrophic side effects, such as creating a black hole, here on Earth.

This year, CERN is beginning another set of experiments in hopes to getting that much closer to completing the Standard Model. Scientists at CERN have announced test dates for the rest of the year, as well as some curious dates can be found in the upcoming schedule.  Starting Monday, December 17, 2012 and going through Friday, December 21, 2012, CERN will be launching and running a series of collisions, which are predicted to break records in high voltage collisions already set by the LHC.  With these experiments, the scientists are hoping to create atomic reactions that would provide further information about anti-matter, and the big bang.

The test set for the week of December 17-21, 2012 is the final test before the LHC will shutdown operations for upgrades and will resume operation in 2014, assuming something doesn’t go wrong, in the minds of some of the scientists, terribly right, which causes the end of the world.  I guess we will just have to see what happens.  Let us know what you think, is CERN guilty of a self-fulfilling prophecy of destruction here?


somebody debunk this please..if you can..if you want to..

you have to listen to this guy connect it all to CERN, even if its total crap its an impressive story!


~ by seeker401 on December 9, 2012.

44 Responses to “CERN upcoming test schedule December 17th-21st and Mayan thoughts on it”

  1. I read somewhere that someone is going to try and reverse polarity of the earth on Dec 21st, not sure if it’s legit. Just something else to try on the 21st.

  2. debunk it…lol just wait. bullshit spreads thin. 1 week till the 17th. 11 days till the 21st. so many faces, so few eggs…!!!

  3. no AFL next season seek? lol

  4. ok. theoretically, its all bullshit. ill prove it in 11 days!!! with a dozen eggs!!! bwhahaha

    seek, i like you mate, but this conspiracy shit, it soooo much off track bullshit. whaere does it stop? on one article you have the end of the world in 11 days, in another what they will do to us next year, in others what they plan for 10 years. fuck mate. its so much disinfo and fear. cant you see that?

    im over it. i have my beliefs about 911 etc, but getserious mate. you cant have a conspiracy next year, and the end of the world tomorrow!!!

    • thats not the point..i want to know how this mayan knows so much about the LHC and particle accelerators.. doesn’t that intrigue you at all? forget the 21st doom date..focus on the curiosity..

  5. thats your answer. and a lesson from a friend.

    “…you cant have a conspiracy next year, and the end of the world tomorrow!….”

  6. i got 11mins into the vid…and then he starts on how the mayans have now built particle deacellerators…..faaaarrrkkkk.

    why is a mayan desperately looking for their prophecy to be correct…..?

    you dont have to be a genius to work that out. respect. when nothing happens, they lose all respect. but they will fall back on ‘its just an end of a cycle, it was never meant to be the end of the world…”

    all the planetx people etc, have eggs over them. the mayantards will soon get theirs.

    • but..he is not talking doom..thats my point 🙂

    • “why is a mayan desperately looking for their prophecy to be correct…..?”

      why are white people looking to mayans for their ‘prophecy’ when they have plenty of garbage prophecy of their own?

      answer: rockefeller – his institutions have been pushing dec 21 for years now.

      i dont believe in numerology. but i’m quite certain that whoever planned 9/11 is very interested in numerology. similarly, i dont have to beleive in mayan prophecy, but if enough people do believe in it, it will effect my life nonetheless.

  7. hes full of shit. youll agree in 11 days…

    • Probably. What about CERN? The culmination of their testing from the 17-21st. Why do they do it then? Why choose that date? There is more to a story than just labelling it doom shit. I always ask myself why? who benefits?

  8. that man really does not know much about pieramides of Mexico or their own ancestors. and CERN, are a bunch of perverts. clear … Why they chose that date for another test? it is perverse, but I do not think it’s a lot of people who are worrying about what is happening in the Swiss site. maybe for that day, reenters fly again in the giant pipe, and that’s the final word will give us until 2014. ahh! not. … because many people in the world is talking about the end of the world to this day!
    with how proud he was, Higgs, feeling himself god…

  9. Prophecies become self fulfilling sometimes…….bullshit one day, legit the next……I would not be shocked if nothing happens, but they seem to be lining up a lot of shit for that time period so they can blame the date if they need to.

  10. a concentrate very illustrative: history, past and present, secret societies, science, literature, archeology, politics … new world order …

  11. copied…..debunk it? see you in a week….bwhahahahaha!!!!!!!

    • But the Mayan isn’t saying doom remember ? He’s discussing a cosmic ray of consciousness for 8 minutes.

  12. fuck CERN isnt even active on those dates.

    • How do you know it’s not active? The link I provided clearly says its open for business. And my link is more recent.

      • Um, I work on the ATLAS experiment at LHC. Here is the real-time display of the LHC operations status. You can’t get much more recent than that:

        Hint….current status is SHUTDOWN: NO BEAM

      • no typo. That means protons colliding with protons (as opposed to lead-lead or lead-proton collisions)

      • No problem.

        That said, this illustrates the problem with every single conspiracy theory I have ever seen. It’s easy for the theorist to play fast and loose with so-called ‘facts’, secure in the knowledge that few if any of their readers will actually look it up. And there are no consequences to getting it wrong….people will just forget and move on to the next thing.

        Maybe I’m just talking to the crickets but…

        Look. As a physicist working at the LHC I have been collectively lumped together by any number of conspiracy theorists as part of a nameless, faceless collective ‘scientific establishment’. Depending on the day of the week, my colleagues and I are accused of suppressing crucially important scientific evidence, developing new and deadly weapons for the military-industrial complex, or even recklessly endangering the existence of the planet.

        As you can imagine, this can feel a little tiresome after a while.

        Listen. Neither I nor any of my colleagues is part of a vast, nameless scientific conspiracy. We have names and lives. At the end of the day we go home to our families, take care of the kids, walk the dog, whatever.

        If any of us saw valid evidence that our scientific work would credibly endanger said home/kids/dog, there is no sinister establishment/overlord stopping me or anyone else from speaking out. The LHC safety question was thoroughly investigated by some of the best in the field, and the results made public so that anyone in the world could check the report for errors of any kind. This is how science is done: in the open, with many eyes checking each other’s results and conclusions.

        This is also why I don’t listen to other conspiracy theories either. It would assume that other large groups of people are part of a nameless, faceless controlling collective. And I’m pretty sure they are just another large group of individuals with lives, like me.

        • I said thanks and I also did my own research which showed you were open but I cannot compete with the up to date information from an employee. Big deal. Are you looking for an argument? As you seem to have some technocratic conservative theories on conspiracy theories which is base ignorance and shows a disturbing extreme belief in ALL things scientific.

      • i have many scientists in my family. it is very, very easy to get them to work on ‘evil’ projects, and it is very, very easy to get them to think they are doing ‘good.’

        scientists are not immune to groupthink in various forms. scientists still suffer from diseases like patriotism and other collectivist ideologies.

        almost any technology can be used for good and for evil. the invention of the airplane allowed us to see and experience more of the world, but it also created the possibility of aerial assault, leading to massive crimes like dresden and hiroshima.

        the scientists will always throw up their hands and say “hey, i’m just a scientist, how you use the technology is up to you!” then the scientists goes to the bank and deposits his check from the Department of Defense, some EU commission, or a set of rich people’s foundations.

        just because you think very deeply about scientific concepts does not mean you necessarily think deeply at all about what you are doing, what the effects of your actions are, and just how fucking evil your masters are.

        all of the scientists that i am related to by birth are extremely evil. the fact that they do not acknowledge it and hide behind patriotism and other false ideologies simply makes their evil banal. and banal evil is even more disgusting than the regular kind.

        i for one am not engaged in “conspiracy theory” mr. ‘scientist.’ we deploy the tools of logic and reason – unlike most of the mainstream ‘scientists’ of today. have you ever heard of occam’s razor? when 9/11 happened, anyone equipped with the facts and a bit of reason would know that false flags, LIHOP, and MIHOP are the standard way that the US begins wars. this was true in the spanish-american war (remember the maine?), this was true in wwii (we know for a fact that FDR was lying when he called it a ‘sneak attack’), it happened in vietnam (we know for a fact the gulf of tonkin incident didnt happen), it happened in the first gulf war (the baby incubator lie). it happened in ALL of your wars over the last 150 years.

        so when an event like 9/11 happens, occam’s razor CLEARLY dictates that the idea of an evil foreign element attacking the US in a ‘sneak attack’ is LESS LIKELY TO BE TRUE. meanwhile, it also dictates that the idea that 9/11 was a false flag IS MORE LIKELY TO BE TRUE.

        so, tell me, mr. ‘scientist,’ how i am a fucking “conspiarcy theorist” when all we are doing is using facts, logic, and reason – concepts a big time ‘scientist’ like you ought to be familiar with. are you privy to the policy directives that maintain your job? who pays your paycheck? are they decent people who don’t commit war crimes against children? or are they the fucking scum of the earth? do you even think about it?

        • Cheers xxx. Slam dunk. I hope Sam has his wits about him or else he’s going to end up bruised looking for a “us v them” conspiracy fight.

      • No, I am not looking for a fight. In fact, I think I used the word ‘tiresome’ when discussing my feelings about the whole thing.

        I think my error was in thinking, naively, that people claiming to value ‘facts, logic and reason’ might actually welcome the chance to talk openly and on-the-level with someone who actually knows what goes on at CERN, and who helped design and construct one of the experiments there.

        You know, ask questions, learn more facts, understand more.

        Apparently this is unacceptable. In your world I am a dupe being lured into doing ‘evil’ work by nameless, faceless government agencies filled with ‘scum of the earth’ that may well be ‘committing war crimes against children’. Having a Ph.D. in physics apparently means that I am likely to be “extremely evil”, and don’t think at all about what my “masters are doing” (who the hell are my masters anyway? The department chair? my wife? huh?)

        So much for ‘facts, logic and reason’.

        Anyway, whatever. Have your fun without me. And enjoy your LHC-free Mayan apocolypse thingy. Which you will promptly forget after logging in on Saturday.

        • its so tiresome yet you wrote paragraph after paragraph about it..*scratches head

          i did welcome the chance to have you comment because you cleared up a point..i thanked you for that..sorry i didnt get out the red carpet as well! but because you are right on that..doesnt make the you the gospel truth on anything else..thats fair i seem to group anything that rallies against science as being part of the conspiracy crowd..thats pure is always open to changing..its never settled it?

          you also didnt watch the video yet speak like you know what he was saying..they were 2 different about LHC staying open..which you cleared up..and the video was about the mayan saying that pyramids were also particle accelerators in his opinion and if LHC was open its because they want to tap into this beam of consciousness(in his opinion)..thats all..not doom for the world..nothing like that..go watch was just an interesting article..

          heres some questions for you then:

          who pays your wage?

          how are they financed?

          what is the total money spent on this experiment over 2 decades, searching for a basis to back up the theory of something being created from nothing?

          why is there a statue of shiva the primordial destructive force of the universe placed at the entrance of CERN?

          why do scientists question what you are doing there and the chances of creating a black hole or stranglets? these question came from scientists and mainstream..not “conspiracy crowd people”

          In July 1999, Scientific American published a letter to the editor in which it was suggested that a “mini black hole” could form in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) then being powered up at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. If this mini black hole remained stable, the correspondent ventured, it could conceivably grow until it was big enough to “devour the entire planet within minutes.” The letter ended, “My calculations indicate that the Brookhaven collider does not obtain sufficient energies to produce a mini black hole; however, my calculations might be wrong. Is the Brookhaven collider for certain below the threshold?” It was signed Walter L. Wagner.

          For a response, the magazine turned to then-Princeton physicist Frank Wilczek, who went on to win a Nobel for his work on something called quantum chromodynamics. Wilczek dismissed the black hole scenario as “incredible,” arguing that energies in the RHIC were “nowhere near large enough” to warrant concern. On the other hand, Wilczek continued, “a speculative but quite respectable possibility” existed that a “new, stable form of matter called strangelets might be produced” and that “one might be concerned about an ‘Ice-9’-type transition.” Kurt Vonnegut fans may remember Ice-9 from the novel Cat’s Cradle, in which a seed crystal of synthetic ice, engineered to have a very high melting point, freezes all water on the planet via chain reaction. Similarly, a strangelet might convert the Earth into a hyperdense ball of strange matter through a process of contagion. In the end, however, Wilczek declared his own proffered doomsday scenario to be “implausible.”

          No matter, the mere suggestion was enough to cause a sensation. Soon after the magazine hit newsstands, the Sunday Times (of London) ran a headline declaring, “Big Bang machine could destroy Earth.” Just 24 hours after that, the Brookhaven lab issued a statement declaring the risk to be essentially nonexistent. It then commissioned a formal safety review. The resulting study focused primarily on the threat of strangelets but also addressed gravitational singularities like black holes as well as a third eventuality, that particle-collider experiments could unwittingly trigger a phase transition. “A transition of this kind,” the authors wrote, “would propagate outward from its source throughout the universe at the speed of light.” In his book Our Final Hour, Sir Martin Rees, the U.K. Astronomer Royal, offered a more pointed description: “The boundary of the new-style vacuum would spread like an expanding bubble. In that bubble atoms could not exist: it would be curtains for us, for Earth, and indeed for the wider cosmos; eventually, the entire galaxy, and beyond, would be engulfed. And we would never see the disaster coming.” The idea is outlandish to the point of risibility—something straight out of a Douglas Adams novel—and yet Rees insists physicists regularly discuss such scenarios “with a straight face.”

  13. the only thing funnier than the uber-obsessed doomtards are the uber-obsessed anti-doomtards.

    • A Video today will give everyone a nice chance to vent either way 🙂

      Only 6 days to go so we squeeze the sponge whilst its still valid 🙂

      Just heard of school shooting in USA with 27 dead. The kids.. Fucked up world this is.

      • my sympathies are reserved for the children of human beings. americans don’t qualify. see chickens, roost, coming home.

  14. There’s no way anything happening at Cern will cause the end of the world. Some recent Sci-Fi movies (some with pretty nifty visual EFX) already exist about that, but the worst that will actually happen at CERN will be that the sub-atomic particles (Higg’s Boson, etc.) they’re hoping to see for a split second won’t even show up as hoped for, and that’s about it.

    • thanks Dan.. this article doesn’t say cern will destroy the world..its discussing particle acceleration in relation to some mayan beliefs etc 🙂

  15. If you dig enough, you can link everything to everything. Tell me, where is all of the evidence to back up all the parts of his story? This seems like a flimsy claim to me. If anything in his story isn’t true, it all falls a part. I don’t see how anyone could fall into this. Anyone not insane or stupid, that is.

    • be more specific..

    • there is a word you are apparently unfamiliar with. it’s “speculation.”

      i wonder, what do you call people who voted for obama because they think he’s pro-peace or “for the little guy.” did you go to any blogs to call them insane or stupid? what about republicans who thought iraq had purchased yellow cake uranium from nigeria. did you go to blogs and call them insane and stupid?

  16. CERN.. conCern?
    it ‘s not what it seems to be,, gotta be something more with this ..
    statue of Shiva – the God of Destruction outside CERN’s courtyard.. hmm

  17. could it be more than just oil ..? well oil, nevertheless, could be the bonus

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