Florida scientists prepare to release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes



Hundreds of thousands of mutated mosquitoes could soon be unleashed in Florida, but don’t worry: scientists say they have a plan.

It might sound like something out of a low-budget horror film, but the US Food and Drug Administration really is considering whether or not they should allow scientists to send thousands upon thousands of genetically altered insects into the wild.

If all goes as planned, mosquitos modified by some serious Frankenstein treatment will be introduced into the Florida Keys and ideally mate with skeeters that carry the deadly dengue fever, passing along in the process a fatal birth defect that will hopefully eradicate the offspring before birth. From there, scientists say they expect the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with the dangerous disease will be decimated in only a few generations without causing any major implications for the native ecosystem.

“The science of it, I think, looks fine. It’s straight from setting up experiments and collecting data,” Michael Doyle of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District tells the Associated Press.

No vaccination against dengue fever is currently available in any part of the world, and although the mortality rate associated with it is low, it’s still a serious concern. In the Florida Keys where the economy relies on tourism, an epidemic of any sort could be catastrophic. Some fear that sending mutated mosquitos into the environment could have grave implications as well, though, and are asking for more thorough testing before the FDA makes a decision. Of course, it doesn’t help the scientists’ case that it will take several rounds of releasing genetically modified mosquitos in order for their plan to work.

“The public resistance and the need to reach some agreement between mosquito control and the public, I see that as a very significant issue, outside of the (operating) costs, since this is not just a one-time thing,” Phil Lounibos of the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory tells the AP.

The plan to put lab-altered insects into the ecosystem is expected to not harm any humans since the female mosquitos that bite won’t become infected. Real estate agent Mila de Mier tells the AP that she’s still concerned, though, and clearly isn’t the only one: her petition on Change.org, “Say No to Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Release in the Florida Keys,” has garnered over 117,000 signatures.

“Even though the local community in the Florida Keys has spoken – we even passed an ordinance demanding more testing – Oxitec is trying to use a loophole by applying to the FDA for an ‘animal bug’ patent,” reads the petition. “This could mean these mutant mosquitoes could be released at any point against the wishes of locals and the scientific community. We need to make sure the FDA does not approve Oxitec’s patent.”

“Nearly all experiments with genetically-modified crops have eventually resulted in unintended consequences: superweeds more resistant to herbicides, mutated and resistant insects also collateral damage to ecosystems. A recent news story reported that the monarch butterfly population is down by half in areas where Roundup Ready GM crops are doused with ultra-high levels of herbicides that wipe out the monarch’s favorite milkweed plant.”

“There are more questions than answers and we need more testing to be done,” it continues.


i dont like the looks of this..modified mozzies being unleashed..they may do what they designed them to do..or they may cause more problems..is it worth the risk?


~ by seeker401 on December 10, 2012.

12 Responses to “Florida scientists prepare to release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes”

  1. i remember the calisi virus was introduced ‘accidentally’ in SA…youd know about that. didnt work for long….

  2. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as and commented:
    Bill’o Gates’o svajonė pildosi… auksinis milijardas vyksta toliau, o jūs vikipediniai švyturistano runkeliai – miegokite toliau, jums visvien bus šaukštai po pietų, kai suprasite, kad reik verstis ant kito šono…

  3. Well Bill Gates is having a good time having his dreams fulfilled….

  4. So THAT’S how the zombie Apocalypse will start…I had wondered.

  5. I don’t like this, they might mutate into something horrible…

  6. This same program was done in outback queensland about 2 years ago.
    There was a story on the ABC website somewhere and i think there was a short story on one of the media programs.

  7. Genetically modified mosquitos could be used to fight malaria


    Scientists have discovered a way to genetically modify mosquitos so their population will be reduced. The move is aimed at making a contribution towards eradicating malaria, though critics warn of the dangers of a changing ecosystem.

    The technique, developed by scientists at Imperial College London, causes more than 95 percent of mosquito offspring to be born male. Over a period of six generations, the population will dramatically decrease as females disappear, according to the new research, which was published in Nature Communications on Tuesday.

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