US Congress passes “Magnitsky” rule on Russia trade law


The US Congress has passed a bill to normalise trade with Russia, but which will also penalise Russian officials linked to human rights violations.

The legislation passed by large majorities in the House and Senate.

Under the bill, US would withhold visas and freeze financial assets of Russian officials thought to have been involved with human rights violations.

In a statement, the Russian foreign ministry called the law “a performance in the theatre of the absurd”.

Alexei Pushkov, the head of the lower house of parliament’s international affairs committee, told news agency Itar-Tass that Moscow could pass a “corresponding law”.

The bill will now go to President Barack Obama to sign.

He welcomed the law, saying in a statement: “The legislation will ensure that American businesses and workers are able to take full advantage of the WTO rules and market access commitments that the United States worked so hard to negotiate.

“We are also one step closer to realising job-creating export opportunities and leveling the playing field for American workers, farmers, ranchers, and service providers.”

Was a Russian attorney whose arrest and death in police custody generated international media attention and launched an investigation into allegations of abuse. Magnitsky, who had alleged large-scale systematic theft from the Russian Government sanctioned by officials before being himself arrested, died days before the one year limit that he could be held without trial would expire. In total, Magnitsky served 358 days in prison. In December 2010, British human rights organization Redress filed a report with two United Nations special rapporteurs on human rights. The Economist called the alleged torture and killing of Magnitsky “gruesome”. His case has become an international cause célèbre.


“told news agency Itar-Tass that Moscow could pass a “corresponding law”.

tit for tat..pretending to hate each other and be oh so worried about the other one..whats clear here is that magnitsky paid the ultimate price for seeking truth..and trying to expose corruption..


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  2. […] US Congress passes “Magnitsky” rule on Russia trade law […]

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