The Hidden History – The Khazar Empire


i like this guy..and i like seeing things from the other side..and thats the history of the world in 10 minutes..khazars are not the chosen people of the bible..far from it..and they are not of this world? genetically? seed of cain?


~ by seeker401 on December 12, 2012.

18 Responses to “The Hidden History – The Khazar Empire”

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  3. about time. ive been telling you to stop the anti muslim propaganda.

    that imam does NOT cut the clitoris from baby girls!!!!!!!!!

  4. well at least you called it as you saw it of the video. but i cant seem to get throught to you, despite what the zionist gillard tells you, muslims do not cut out the clitoris. i dont care about wiki either. its been called a sham so many times. FGM is CULTURAL. it is practiced in rremote AFRICAN communities that happen to be muslim. IT IS NOT A MUSLIM PRACTICE!!! FFS!

    • well most of the world is fooled then..

      amalmansy could you please provide your interpretation and thoughts on FGM thanks..she is muslim egyptian..interested in her thoughts

    • dude, get ahold of yourself.

      yes, it is cultural. no it is not islamic. how many times do i have to say this?

      secondly, we have provided links to support the notion that the clit is partially or totally removed when FGM is performed. it’s ok that you have a different opinion of what is true based on your personal experience, but in order to communicate that to us, you need to provide links so that we can then decide for ourselves. in my cursory google search, i have not found any information to support the idea that the clitoris is not at least partially removed during many occurences of FGM. if you insist on your position, simply provide us with some evidence.

      as for pro-islam or anti-islam propaganda goes, things are not so simple. islam IS a fucked up religion which oppresses both men and women. so is chrsitianty, judaism, buddhism, and all the other fucking stupid religions, which are merely inventions of elites meant to control dumb fuck slaves. i think of “anti-islam propaganda” as soemthing that comes from chrstians, jews, hindus, and other fucking perverts. simply telling the truth about the beliefs of weak-minded fools isn’t a form of hate. religionists of all stripes (luciferians and satanists as well) need to dump that fucking stupid garbage and join humanity.


    It follows that Islamic law prohibits clitorodectomy (partial or complete removal of the clitoris) or infibulation (excision of part or all of the external genitalia and stitching/narrowing of the vaginal opening), or any genital mutilation which impairs the woman’s ability to enjoy sexual relations. Such prohibitions are consistent with the hadithic warning against severity in female circumcision

    • ahem. it’s CULTURAL. NOT ISLAMIC.

      so what if islamic law can be interpreted in a way to disallow clitorectomy, then? islam forbids suicide, yet there are muslim suicide bombers.

      can you show us a link that says that ALL actual survivors of FGM have their clits intact? and that, thus, there is a widespread conspiracy to spread the ‘lie’ that FGM involves partial or total removal of the clit? please show us, if you can.

  6. Just like politics in the USA being derailed by conversations involving abortion, the Islamic clitoral circumcision conversation keeps popping up.

    I dont know how many Clitoral circumcisions happen every year, but I do know many many many more daily offenses happen against women that are equally as denigrating or harmful to a womans development.

    I know CC’s happen, but they constitute a minute percentage of overall abuses. Dont let that conversation prevent a larger and more relevant conversation.

    • As metric has said, this is a lightning rod to provoke. I posted the article because of that. I also believe its not required, my opinion but in the scheme of things it’s not a big issue for me. You can see from my link today that Australia is now on it and the UN already has shown its hand. So it’s more about following the meme that this generating and how it flows around the world and wider implications.

  7. sorry post this vid again check around minute 34 is Him too with at pretty Wise explanation

  8. xxx is a disinfo agent……and i can see them like never before…

    • dont think so mate..just because you and he have differed on a topic doesnt make him disinfo, just like I am not anti islam..i am sure you would have more in common with how he thinks than not..

  9. hi Ama 🙂 so glad to see YOUR post 🙂 hope&Pray all is well in YOUR Neck of the Woods

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