Images 16/12/12












heres the week..

prescott looks like adolf..

one eyed elmo handler..

barrys real power..

truth about american political parties..

interesting graphic on “codes” and its connection to masonic symbolism..

big sean with his big eye..

azelia one eyeing it..

masonic symbolism at a mormon temple..

assad says what we all cant understand..

prince harry death statue..with that bird thingy/pelican type watcher overlooking him..this is real..and its “art”

congress building in brazil with twin towers and “as above so below” domes..

game over blinked..


~ by seeker401 on December 16, 2012.

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  2. Just a bit interesting. There happens to be a lot of masonic symbolism on the Salt Lake temple (pictured in the blog). That temple was finally completed in the 1890s. There is also an all seeing eye painted on a wall in that temple along with the star of David on the windows of the tabernacle next to the temple. This site seemed to have a good summary:

    Temple clothes are also descended from free masonry. However Joseph Smith said that Masonry was the ancient covenants of Solomon in their apostate form and tried to restore them back to their proper righteous form. Since the Salt Lake Temple was built in the 1800s there isn’t too much masonic symbolism on other more modern temples – however still there are a few symbolic things in the temple ceremonies but some of these things have changed over the years as the temple ceremonies have evolved slightly with time.

    My feeling is that there probably aren’t too many ties between masonry and mormons today at least on the surface. I’ve been through the temple myself and I happen to wear the temple undergarments and I feel that I’m a better person because of it. Most of the covenants are typical things like being chaste, following the gospel principles that Christ taught, and helping the poor and the needy. Now I know that most Masons at lower levels seem to be pretty good people and are probably in the dark as to what the 33rd degree masons are involved in. But when I look at the higher levels of the LDS church I haven’t noticed too many things I’d take major issue with – although I am aware of some things so definitely humans by nature are imperfect regardless of their position in church leadership. I don’t think in any of the scriptures in the bible or in ancient scriptures in the americas that mormons believe in are there any examples of the church being perfect and many instances of the church falling away or church leaders having imperfections.

    Anyway sorry for the wall of text mate. I think there is actually a LDS temple near you ( I don’t want to say where you’re from as I know anonymity is important) but I’m just curious if you’ve ever been there to check it out. Keep up the good blog. This is one of the only few blogs I find myself returning to again and again for honest info. I do appreciate your online friendship Seek as you’re the one who has woken me up to many things such as 9-11/ the moon hoax / etc…

    keep up the good fight for information and transparency in everything.

    • and i respect your contributions hartrw..always fair and balanced and you dont go flying off the handle because i post a picture of something that is close to your heart..i really appreciate that as you know i dont pick on any certain religions..i just look at what is out there and we discuss it..i live in south australia..i dont mind you mentioning the location of the temple..i havent been inside any temple ever…but would like to..

    • “I happen to wear the temple undergarments and I feel that I’m a better person because of it.”

      and therefore others are less so.

      “But when I look at the higher levels of the LDS church I haven’t noticed too many things I’d take major issue with”

      hmmm let’s see.. institutionalized racism… close ties to the CIA… heads of major corporations.. .transhumanism… backing neocons…. yup! nothing to take issue with here!

      • Hi XXX-

        good points and you’re right some of those I take issue with and agree with you.

        also I didn’t mean that I’m a better person than other people – I ment that I’m a better person than I otherwise would be.

        • understood hartrw..people wear crucifixes as well because it makes them feel better..its a personal choice

  3. Priceless picture of the democrats and republicans.

  4. I don’t know how you manage to always find such terrifying pics. 🙂

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