Chinese survival pods to defend against “apocalypse”



As believers across the globe prepare for the forecast Mayan apocalypse, a Chinese villager says he’s going to save humanity with his giant tsunami proof survival pods.

The pods are made using a fiberglass casing over a steel frame, cost $48,000 each to make and are equipped with oxygen tanks, food and water supplies. They also come with seat belts – essential for surviving in storms.

“The pod won’t have any problems even if there are 1,000 meter high waves, its like a ping pong ball, its skin may be thin but it can withstand a lot of pressure,” the balls’ creator Liu Qiyuan, told AFP from his workshop outside Beijing.

“The pods are designed to carry 14 people at a time, but it’s possible for 30 people to survive inside for at least two months,” insisted Liu

Indeed, their insulation is such that “a person could live for four months in the pod at the north or south pole without freezing,” Liu continued.

Liu explained that he was inspired into making the spheres after seeing the Hollywood disaster film “2012”, which is itself inspired by the expiry of the Mayan calendar on the 21st December 2012. The Mayans were an ancient American civilization whose 5000 year old calendar shortly ends.

“If there really is some kind of apocalypse then you could say I’ve made a contribution to the survival of humanity,”said Liu.


if the poles shift and we are inundated with tsunamis then i want to know my life pod has a seatbelt in keep me secure 🙂

play on..


~ by seeker401 on December 17, 2012.

9 Responses to “Chinese survival pods to defend against “apocalypse””

  1. You really got me laughing at the seat belt comment LOL

  2. so many heads, so few eggs. 4 days till egg day. you gunna scensor this too seek? lol!!!!

    • its “censor”..and thats not what i did..i deleted your earlier post because its the same “boring as bat shit” egg bullshit comments..who you going to throw your eggs at? like i said..your in the 98% majority of the world that believe nothing happens..your not unique, your a part of the crowd..i wont be batting an eyelid or looking for quakes or waves come the 21st so if you dont have anything constructive to add on that day then dont bother saying anything..cheers

  3. “…i wont be batting an eyelid or looking for quakes or waves come the 21st…”

    so unlike your fearmongering….

    • grow up man..not one thing i have posted is fearmongering, not once have i said the world ends on the assume what videos say without watching them..i can assure you i have scared nobody..if you are going to accuse me of fearmongering and being anti islam and then call me a “gutless cunt” how about having some fucking evidence to back it up..

    • seek is waking people up. Get a fucking clue man, you should be thankful this guy posts all this on his blog instead of being a rude arrogant prick about it.

      • Thanks Gary, very kind. I have no agenda here. Just an addiction to searching for answers and bringing into the light things I know to be examples of the global game. 🙂

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