Slavery By Consent (Full Version)


the wakeup project guys are back with this awesome video.. absolutely brilliant..this is the video you give to friends and family who are asleep..spread it around..research what you dont believe..check out your birth certificate..ask why we pay interest..dont accept anything you are told..question it..


~ by seeker401 on December 18, 2012.

6 Responses to “Slavery By Consent (Full Version)”

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  2. Today in the US we are celebrating SLAVE LABOR DAY …

    • Thanks Rev…. so very true.

    • You are a slave because you live under slave law, also called Commercial Law and Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) first introduced in 1933 and based upon the ancient principles of Sumerian slave law enshrined in the Ur-Nammu Code of 1900 BCE that “all crime against slaves is commercial”. Under the UCC Slave Laws applied to all nations as corporations registered in the state of Delaware of the United States, corporations hold no real property, only debt and the energy of slaves, with you considered an employee of a corporation and its surety as evidenced by the certified copy of the birth certificate which you hold, but can never own.

      • This is why bankers never go to jail ..

        Origin of Khazarian Law
        Khazarian Law is unique as the first law in history to introduce the concept that men and women can be classed as a form of animal with less status and rights than the lowest household or farm animal. Thus “human” beings were considered far less valuable than the servants of Roman and ancient Civilization and instead were called “slavs” or “slaves” while loyal servants were called Kaananites or simply Knights .
        Khazarian Law similar to Sumer Law considered the elite called the “White Khazars” immune from the law compared to the nomadic tribes who were called “Black Khazars” with the capital of Khazaria called Sarmara, now called Odessa. This distinction continued after the break up of the Khazarian Empire by the 9th Century.

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