South Korea elects first female president..keeping it in the family


SOUTH Korea has elected its first female president, with voters handing a historic victory to conservative candidate Park Geun-Hye, daughter of the country’s former military ruler.

As leader of Asia’s fourth-largest economy, Ms Park, 60, will face numerous challenges, handling a belligerent North Korea, a slowing economy and soaring welfare costs in one of the world’s most rapidly ageing societies.

The National Election Commission said that Ms Park, from the ruling New Frontier Party, had secured the necessary votes to beat liberal rival Moon Jae-In of the main opposition party, according to Yonhap news agency.

With more than 99.3 per cent of the vote counted, Ms Park had secured 51.6 percent against Mr Moon’s 48 per cent, the report said.

The election was largely fought on domestic economic issues, with both candidates offering similar policies as they went in search of centrist voters beyond their traditional bases.

To some extent Wednesday’s election was seen as a referendum on the legacy of Park’s father, Park Chung-Hee.

More than three decades after he was assassinated, Ms Park remains one of modern Korea’s most polarising figures — admired for dragging the country out of poverty and reviled for his ruthless suppression of dissent during 18 years of military rule.

He was shot dead by his spy chief in 1979. Ms Park’s mother had been killed five years earlier by a pro-North Korea gunman aiming for her father.

In an effort at reconciliation, Ms Park had publicly acknowledged the excesses of her father’s regime during her campaign and apologised to the families of its victims.

“I believe that it is an unchanging value of democracy that ends cannot justify the means in politics,” she said.

Despite freezing temperatures that hovered around minus 10 degrees Celsius, the election was marked by a high turnout of nearly 76 per cent, compared with 63 per cent in the 2007 presidential poll.


they never stray to far away do they..

she has history of course..her dad ran the show year ago as a military ruler..and then she was a first lady when her mum was shes essentially back in the chair..small incestuous groups of selected people run the countries of the world..


~ by seeker401 on December 20, 2012.

12 Responses to “South Korea elects first female president..keeping it in the family”

  1. OFF topic, as its so many days ago its unfindable. that mayan dude…you know the one that said the mayans have a particle’ declerator’ to stop the activation of CERN between the 17th and 21st? remember him? remember you asked seriously someone to debunk him? lol!

    • why are you so obsessed with dec 21, 2012?

      if you go back and look at my comments, you’ll see i’m expecting neither destruction nor enlightenment during that day.

      perhaps earlier ‘beliefs’ of yours turned out not to be true, and you once thought tomorrow would be a big deal? you were molested by conspiracy theorists as a child?

    • Last time. The Mayan did not say they were going to shut down LHC, where do u get that from? They are 2 different stories which I now know you haven’t even watched or read.

  2. oh. and merry xmas mate. met cockatoo collins a few times up here. played for port. i think you said you go for port.

    and a happy new year! hope you dont mind me taking the piss outa you sometimes. its an aussie (thats had a few beers) thing…..;)

    go suns……AFL

    • Yeah I do mind actually. Would you like me to come around your neighbourhood and make fun of your family? When you abuse me, mock my posts and call me names on here it’s the same thing to me. Understand? I have always been curteous to you when others haven’t and tried to answer your questions and you’ve just dumped on me.

  3. mate you were pushing the 21st bullshit. you asked for people to debunk some so called mayan. re-post it tomorrow, with your comments.

    your family. WTF you talking about? is R your family? that retard? talk about a fucken, deadshit loser/

    • I wasn’t pushing anything, I present stories and articles.How they are interpreted is up to the individual. Just like mainstream news has and is presenting stories on it as we speak! Are they pushing it as well because they are taking about it! I have never said there will be doom and destruction of the earth on the 21st, that’s a lie.

      Posting a story is not a fucking endorsement of anything.

      I didn’t ask people to debunk it, I asked you to, and thus actually review what you were claiming to understand. Sam came along like a gift and gave some real facts and I thanked him.

      I’ve been doing this blog for 3 years and its my online “Family” of friends.

  4. somebody debunk this please..if you can..if you want to..

    you have to listen to this guy connect it all to CERN, even if its total crap its an impressive story!


    debunkt. all shit. total scare. total conspiracy.

    ive been with you for 7 years. you are in the wilderness. there IS no path to the truth. you are being fed false info and reposting it.

    the path to the truth lies death. the best you can hope for is a early natural death for getting too close. but dont worry. like ‘R’, you are so far from it (and he is a patsy) that you cant even see straight anymore.

    are you serious? debunk that dickhead on that vid? hell, CERN wasnt even activeated during the 17th to the 20th…! and that cowboy has a ‘particle decelerator’!!! hahahaha!

    fuck mate. either you are in so deep you are needing a psyc, or you are so gulible you go for port……

    like GLP, nothing youve posted has happened. just like R. the dow at 1000 in 2008? bwhahahahah!!!!!

    • Ok, I meant I asked you personally in the comments to debunk it not in the original posting. I wanted someone to watch it and debunk it factually and you didn’t even watch it which was shown in your incorrect mention of doom which the video was NOT about, so anything you said was assumption.

      I don’t know why you keep mentioning r~ when he doesn’t post here and I haven’t been to his journal personally for 2 years. Obsessed?

    • I even said in my original post it’s an impressive story even if crap.Story, not empirical fact! You only vindicated my position by showing it. Show me now where I have predicted doom for the 21st and the EOTW. Good luck. Its a fucking lie.

      I ain’t GLP and I ain’t r. I’m just me. I draw on many varied sources for knowledge that interests ME. It is my blog afterall eh?
      I don’t ask for money like r does and I don’t do predictions to the day, stop lying.

  5. Obama in stole a Women again ?!! That is BS. Poor Koreans ,now for Shure they will be attack by the North . Korean men don’t like taking orders from chicks . They are calling her a ‘American prostitute ‘. Ha,ha .

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