Images 23/12/12








aldous huxley

jim jones






last 2 weeks of another year..

they wrote the headline  not me..but if you say that now you are called a nutter..and probably anti-semite..

awakening and new age took a bit of a set back this week with the mayan was never about one day waking up enlightened..its a long journey..

3 pictures from “BBC,children in need” featuring the one eyed bear..sick bastards..oh the irony..

flashback from the election..and who stands in the middle of them?

da vinci wise..

huxley and his evil one eye..a true insider..

historical picture of jim jones..and kids that would become his victims we would assume..

ariba pyramid madness in their logo..

kim enjoying a cigarette as he watched his satellite thingy be launched..

and of course sandy hook..why oh why would that have been in the DKR movie?


~ by seeker401 on December 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “Images 23/12/12”

  1. I’ve seen that newspaper before, also there is newspapers I think from 1920 something, and early 1930 saying “6 million jews perished” before the Holocaust even happened.

  2. Bear= k ing Art hur = w iiliam 2 or 3 name is arthur too
    Bear have lot’s of symbolism
    Leonardo was involve with Columbus travel to the New World (important words)interesting the real history

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