Part 1.The hypocrisy of Hollywierd actors screaming for gun control – Part 2.The tables are turned


watch them..then think..then watch them again..

and before i get attacked by the anti gun lobby..i am in favour of less guns..who isnt? but please dont lecture me from a baseline of absolute hypocrisy..hollywood stars telling us how to live? when i see your actions change on film and in real life then maybe i will give your words more merit..

there can be no gun control and a changing of mindsets without looking at the saturation of violence splashed all over the people 24/7 by the very corporations these people work for..


~ by seeker401 on December 28, 2012.

10 Responses to “Part 1.The hypocrisy of Hollywierd actors screaming for gun control – Part 2.The tables are turned”

  1. i know be utopic(
    Governments with out Guns&Weapons YEAH!!maybe…. be not hunger
    btw i know Humans will make there own weapons with any materials 😦
    Disappear gone bye bye the military-Industrial-Complex is good
    Knowing probably is an angle on holly wood ? still I like PLP saying ban guns&Weapons for governments

  2. You know it always bothers me how they make it out for you to go along with the crowd because the celebrities are there. They are not gods (even though they are made out to be them) and I think people need to make decisions for themselves. This bothered me with every single election. Oh my favorite actor supports this guy, I’ll go vote for him.

    • they use the celebs because they know the average joe does worship them..our task is to show, with videos like these, how fake they are..all the world is a stage..role playing..fake outrage..just look at the pathetic politics on show with this fiscal cliff BS..someone needs to say..look..take your bloody medicine and go over the cliff..shit is a basket case anyway with nearly 17T in national debt..thats nearly a 1/4 of the worlds GDP ffs..the game is over..someone has to start paying..but they all blame the other side and look to score points..and keep putting off the problem to some other generations kids..

      • Oh I know man, it makes me sick too. The average Joe worships celebrities. You see girls today and they still are trying to look like Marilyn Monroe or someone else cause you know “That boy won’t date me if I’m not perfect!” You are right they are all fake. When I was young I used to worship musicians. I’ve been playing guitar since I was a kid and over time you start to realize that you just need to be yourself and stop trying to be like who influences you. That’s the thing, people don’t think for themselves. They see celebrities supporting something, and yeah they go along with it cause they worship them.

        The fiscal cliff stuff was a bad idea to begin with. Who came up with that idea? Americans don’t care about that though man, they don’t even worry. Yeah blame the other side, we’ve been through that forever now. Jackass Obama supporters still are blaming Bush for everything, I can’t believe those idiots can’t see past the game that both parties are the exact same fucking thing. I been telling people this for years and no one listens to me.

        I sure hope Obama is enjoying that 4 million dollar vacation he is on while he preaches how “serious” we need to take the Fiscal Cliff. Must be nice to have all that money to blow. You can tell he don’t give a rats ass what happens, they will continue to blame the other party, back and forth as always.

  3. lol… i sent the first one to a pro-gun coworker. i told him there’s another one but i didn’t bother sending it him because it deals with foreigners dying and i know he doesn’t care about that. he said “yup, thanks!”

  4. I don’t call them celebs on the post I call them PLP

  5. Looks like knife control has made it in U.K…
    don’t laugh

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