Amazing mind reader reveals gift


thanks to rev17 for the link..

and that my friends is a dose of reality and truth..they probably didnt even need the names if they had facial recognition software..


~ by seeker401 on December 29, 2012.

5 Responses to “Amazing mind reader reveals gift”

  1. thx Guys
    great vid , not worries about U tah data-mine is much easy lol
    now PLP are piss off facebooky what at surprise lol

  2. And there are still a lot of fools who write everything they do on facebook, ignorants!

  3. This also I have said before: I do not care if someone read my information on my facebook, or here, or myspace, or twitter, for that I write in public, and I do not say much more than what they already know about me, my life has been controlled, at least from my 18 years, and I had no internet. and it is possible that from 8 years, although it could be since I was born, and control, was increasing, reaching 50. but I’m also under the protection of God. And thank God, I can tell, and if only, that, tell, I can tell the truth.
    they knew a lot about me, without me to tell my life online, and while I fled from fame, in addition to fighting for survival. And since I turned 48, many might know enough about me if they heard, not just because I write for internet or through other forms of communication, as well, an artist, wrote about me, a true artist, sang my words and situations in my life for years, and what this artist wrote, is still in print and reaches many parts of the world, but the artist, he was murdered.
    no matter if you are famous or not, if you want the truth and love, they will try to silence you and eventually even kill you if they can.
    All that I gave to the artist, was in exchange for which he sang the truth, and to the side of love, and what I myself write about my life, it is to help everyone to see the truth.
    There are lives that can be examples for many: Jesus was killed on the cross, to say that he was the son of God, we were all brothers and the true purpose of life was love. and Michael, was killed by drug laboratory, to follow a path outside the United States, and although he wanted to finish the work that he decided to start, for love, they murdered him. he knew they would not let him finish the job.
    Nonetheless, I chose the best path: that choice was to keep my prayers to the only part that remained lucid in my world during that last stretch of my second phase of life: God: God and Jesus, and thank God, I can tell truths that many are still trying to cover with one lie after another.
    Who wants to listen to listen.
    I know that the real criminals, yet follow my steps ..Well, I have not lost all hope, I know my great love is with me, but the soulless always wanted to see me alone. I believe that someday, someday, the truth will serve for something very necessary for humans.
    Speaking from consciousness, is to practice the most fundamental rule of love.

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