Egypt opposition leaders face “incitement” probe..for opposing


Egypt’s public prosecutor has ordered an inquiry into three prominent opposition leaders.

The men will be investigated over charges they “incited the overthrow” of President Mohammed Morsi.

The three men – Mohamed ElBaradei, Amr Mousa and Hamdeen Sabahi – formed an opposition coalition amid protests against Mr Morsi last month.

There are fears the inquiry may worsen tensions between Mr Morsi’s supporters and his opponents.

The three opposition leaders had recently formed a coalition, the National Salvation Front, to take part in protests against Mr Morsi.

Some of those rallies then turned violent when opposition protesters and Mr Morsi’s Islamist supporters clashed.

Mr Mousa and Mr Sabahi were both candidates in the presidential election won by Mr Morsi in June.

Also on Thursday, parliamentary affairs minister Mohammed Mahsoub resigned from his post, saying that many of the government’s policies “contradict my personal beliefs”.

Mr Mahsoub, of the moderate Islamist Wasat party, is the second minister to resign this week.

The investigation does not mean that charges will be filed against the opposition leaders, but it comes at a sensitive time, the BBC’s Bethany Bell in Cairo reports.


the pharoah expects complete adoration in his position as leader..those that are meant to oppose are now accused of opposing..war is is white..


~ by seeker401 on December 29, 2012.

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