US Major General Exposes September 11


when a fully indoctrinated army man who has attained the rank of general..decides to come out like this..there has to be something lurking below..many people dont want to believe..its a wake up call when you cross the line..but when a supposedly sensible guy with all this knowledge..has very very severe doubts about what went must question it yourself..a great video to send to the comatose/hypnotised in your world..


~ by seeker401 on December 31, 2012.

20 Responses to “US Major General Exposes September 11”

  1. There are eye witnesses who saw the plane hit the pentagon that morning. As a person who was in the area that day, there were many reports from people who watched it happen. So it doesn’t matter what you think about a photo you saw later. People that day watched it happen. Sorry old man, that’s what happens when you listen to your wife instead of doing your research.

    eye witness accounts of plane hitting pentagon

    • There are also eye witnesses that did not see a plane hit the pentagon. Sorry try again.

      • I was close enough to the pentagon to see the smoke. A plane flew over cars close enough to rattle them and then hit then pentagon. sorry….try again!

    • Where have the wings gone?

      • Into the freakin building. Look at the link I posted. It’s not that I trust our government so much…they are all liars. But there were loads of people there that day that saw it.

        • Strange then that there was no debris of the wings or fuselage or plane seats or tail..unless you have some pictures to show me?

    • As Gary has commented. There are others who didn’t see a plane so eye witness reports are not proof either way. Lets discuss building 7?

      • Building 7 in the world trade center? That’s not the pentagon. Like I said…politicians are liars and scumbags. I don’t doubt fishy things going on…but a plane hit the pentagon…loads of people watched it fly over their car and slam into the building.

        • In the video he speaks of the pentagon, the towers and building 7. You have said your opinion on the pentagon. Fine. Lets move onto building 7. Because proving wether it was a plane or missile at the pentagon is semantics to some extent when we look at the incredulous events in the city that day. There are enough anomalies around the WTC to completely refute the “official” story. Do you believe the governments story fully?

  3. it’s always interesting when these military scumbags come out for some form of ‘truth.’ but… they cannot be trusted.

    is this guy contrite about his participation in the genocide of the korean people? the US used chemical and biological weapons there; they wiped out up to a third of the population of the border areas, and over two million north koreans overall. meanwhile, US industries were willingly building the factories that made the weapons to supply the north koreans. the country gets double-fucked by these american assholes.

    same goes for ventura, bowman, roberts and the rest of the ex-mainstream who want us to believe they are telling the truth, when they wont even come to terms honestly with their own actions.

    do i think a plane hit the pentagon? seems so. do i think something very, very fishy happened at the pentagon no matter how you look at it? YUP.

    rivero makes excellent points (ry too) about the plane at the pentagon. on the other hand, pilots for 9/11 truth has discovered some really amazing things about the flight paths and recovered data that point to something else happening. 10+ years on, it seems in some ways we are more confused about 9/11 than ever – funny how that works?

    • I know exactly what you are saying xxx. But at least this is some sort of admittance from the general.

  4. Building 7 is your smoking gun. There were many eye witnesses that did not see a plane hit the pentagon and where was all the debris at?

    • And we won’t even start on Shanksville and the complete lack of anything including plane and bodies.

      • The funny thing is how they investigated it. There is so many holes in the 9/11 case that don’t add up. How they got their VIsas, how guys in caves managed to take down a high security place in America, WTC Tower 7, just the fact that a plane had never made a building fall like that in history. Where was the patrol in the sky for this? How did they not know this was going to happen? They don’t want you to know it. They needed an excuse to go to war, and they are still over there. It wasn’t about “fighting terrorists” they are all about that oil over there, or they would have pulled out after they “killed” Bin Laden.

        Like xxx said, it’s funny we are more confused about 9/11 than ever. They just had it all figured out before we knew what was going on. They just some how knew it was men in caves before they even looked into it. That right away was confusing. Just how did they know so fast?

        The answers we are given are hollow and a joke. Just the fact men in caves did this, could be down right laughable. I started questioning 9/11 about 3 years ago and I have to admit, at first I didn’t want to believe. If you gave me a conspiracy theory about this say 5 or 6 years ago I would have called you crazy but the truth hurts. When you learn the truth it sets your mind free but it can be very painful.

        • It is painful but I would rather live on my feet than grovel on my knees out of a fear of awakening.

  5. Another thing I want to note, I hate how they have turned this into a national holiday. Every year they basically celebrate 9/11 with a memorial. It’s really a joke. 9/11 started shit like the Patriot Act under Bush and Obama has just followed in his foot steps (NDAA, Ex-Patriotation Act)

  6. The general’s bullshit radar was to loud for him to ignore, respect to the general for making his opinion public, however risking ones reputation amongst his vet buddies in retirement is one thing, risking ones established career, lifestyle & family ..that requires a bit more careful thought.

    I’m referring to those who were privy to direct operational details and who would be willing to implicate & risk it all (lifestyle, family, reputation) and go on record (yeah right).
    Part of me knows when you get to that level of access you would have happily stepped on a few corpses to get there so you’re psychopathic attributes would be well sculpted by then.
    I have hope though, hope that just one grows a pair.

    Cornering one these assholes for a testimony would be the crack in the dam wall, but unlikely given the pros & cons for having a conscience in such an environment.

    To date all anomalies regarding 9/11 can be and are being explained away by the government whether we like it or not. Sad but true.
    Will the official story stand the test of time? 11yrs and counting looking good so far.

    • Great comments mate. They are winning this one sadly and as each year goes by people actually get bored with the truth. They can’t be bothered and its all to hard and to long ago, and if you think like that anyway you are a crazy fucker, soon to be classified a mental disorder and file you away under the heading “domestic terrorist”.

      If you speak your family could be killed. It’s so much easier to stay silent.

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