15 facts about The Port Arthur Massacre you NEED to know » images


12 Responses to “images”

  1. He pretended to have a low IQ, the man is highly intelligent and a master of narcissism. Has he the ability to master mind such a crime yes. Did he act alone well that’s debatable indeed

  2. WTF

  3. Ray you are a fucking idiot~!

  4. After reading these 15 facts and reading the very detailed report by Joe Vialls years ago I am fully convinced Bryant definitely did NOT act alone

  5. The whole case against Bryant stinks, & what makes this case very suspicious, is Howard refusing a Royal Commision into the Port Arthur shootings. And all successive governments refusing as well. Why? Yet Howard spent 550 million of taxpayers money on the highly laughable, buy back scheme, which was supposed to get rid of illegal guns off the street, which statistics has proven to be a dismal failure. What also I find incredible is that Bryant didn’t face an open trial, where witnesses, police & specialist in ballistics etc, would appear to give evidence, so the question here is, who illegally, prevented the course of justic in this case & who ordered it & why, I am betting that John Howard shits bullets every time these questions come up on the public Media networks!

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