***US deploying troops to 35 African countries***



The United States Army will be deploying troops to nearly three-dozen African nations in the coming year.

Soldiers based out of Fort Riley, Kansas’ 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division will begin training in March 2013 in order to prepare for a project that will send troops to as many as 35 African nations, the Associated Press reports.

Citing a growing threat from extremist groups, including those with ties to al-Qaeda, the Department of Defense is hoping to install American soldiers overseas in order to prepare local troops there for any future crises as tensions escalate.

Earlier this month, DoD sources with insider knowledge told the Washington Post that US troops will soon be en route to the nation of Mali in order to thwart the emerging threat of Islamic extremists, including al-Qaeda aligned insurgents. With the latest news from the Pentagon, though, Mali will be just one of many African nations hosting US troops in the coming year.

According to the AP’s update this week, soldiers will be sent overseas in the new year to assist only with training and equipping efforts, and are not necessarily permitted to participate in military operations. Should the Pentagon ask the troops to engage in battle, however, the secretary of defense could sign off on an order that would allow as much.

“If they want them for (military) operations, the brigade is our first sourcing solution because they’re prepared,” Gen. David Rodriguez, the head of U.S. Army Forces Command, tells the AP. “But that has to go back to the secretary of defense to get an execute order.”

Additionally, the AP says that US troops will head specifically to Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger in order to prepare for any advances from al-Qaeda linked groups. Americans will also train and equip forces in Kenya and Somalia, reportedly, in order to stand up to al-Shabab militants. Despite the troops being deployed to more than half of the countries in Africa, though, the AP reports that Uncle Sam will try to avoid giving the impression that the United States is leaving a substantial footprint across the continent.

“The challenge we have is to always understand the system in their country,” explains Rodriguez. “We’re not there to show them our system, we’re there to make their system work. Here is what their army looks like, and here is what we need to prepare them to do.”

Sources speaking with the AP say that the United States has already prepared nearly 100 different exercises and training programs to conduct with African troops during the coming year.


i think we foretold this one..but i didnt think it would be this big and this quick..game on!


~ by seeker401 on January 3, 2013.

15 Responses to “***US deploying troops to 35 African countries***”

  1. The ‘good guys’ have to occupy every country, and play deputy sheriff of the world, don’t you just love America? From growing up here, I can say first hand you are pretty much taught from the first day in school all the way to high school that some how some way, you are better than everyone in the world because you live in America. It’s a rude awakening of reality when you take the blinders off as a young man in high school and see it’s all BS to feed your ego.

    • i think that is part of the problem thats in the “DNA” so to speak..we got told over here how good america was..years ago when i was a teen i could never understand why the world used the USD only..why the USA could do whatever they wanted in regards to war and attacking..why they were always depicted as on the good side..i guess i was always a questioner.. wanting to know “WHY”

      • That’s how it is, and when I got older too I started to realize that other countries hated America so bad. I met Germans that thought this country was shit, and that we were brainwashed sheep to just buy buy buy like the TV says. I met many others that hated this country. I wish I had the money and resources to visit other countries just to see how they are.

        The typical American thinks they are better than everyone else in the world. It could be in the DNA, I remember I was about 17 or 18 years old and I started to realize that it was all bullshit. I was still in school, all I could think about is “if we’re really the best country ever, then what is the point of all this crap that we do to other countries?”

        One of the biggest wake up calls I can tell you is to look at education statistics. The greatest country in the world isn’t even in the top 10 on education, and all that “We’re Number 1!” hell yeah we’re number 1, number 1 in TV addiction, number 1 in abortions, number 1 in teenage pregnancy, number 1 in the world in plastic surgery, number 1 in the obesity rate, number 1 in prescription medications, but people ignore all of this.

        And now it’s gotten so bad, stuff like the obesity rate that wherever you go it feels like it’s Normal to be over weight since everyone around you is, and you’re the only athletic small guy that don’t weigh much. Then the medication on all these commercials, that’s exactly what the few Germans I met meant when they said people just listen to what the TV says. They make it normal to be a doped up medicated zombie.

        It’s no wonder why almost every other countries cities fucking hate us over here. We are loud, arrogant, obese and willing fully ignorant with the sterotypes of other people, and we stick our nose in everyone’s business. No one can question America for what they do to other countries, even though from an outside perspective, we are the great Satan of the world telling everyone what to think and what to do.

        • well said..i dont hate americans..i hate what they are capable of allowing and of course individuals who are inherently evil..but for the people i feel sad sometimes..they are stuck now in a jail and they dont realise it..

      • fuck americans. i live among them every single day. they’re jerks, trust me. enough of this ‘it’s just their govt’ nonsense. americans love being stupid and violent, and so they are.

        • Something that starts from birth and is concreted into the psyche possibly? As an Aussie I know we have faults as well but I have the most problems with South Africans tbh.

  2. Without the US we have got the Sino/Soviet confederacy of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation. The yanks arent so bad:)

    • who do you think funded global communism, you fucking mein-kampf lover? who do you think created it? who fed it? who nurtured it?

      when you blame the puppet but not the puppeteer, your true self is revealed.

      readers should be aware that above poster is a self-confessed white supremacist.

  3. I’ve been following various news channels on and off the last few days, being new year and ‘no news’ the main story seemed to be the US ‘fiscal cliff’. Not one person suggested military spending could perhaps be reduced, what does that tell you about the ‘news’ pumped into people’s minds?

    • the sacred cow will not be touched..

    • The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ was a joke. If They had the money to give Congress a raise, they shouldn’t have a problem at all. If they cut military spending, it would drop back on the U.S. being able to play deputy sheriff of the world and tell everyone what to do.

  4. Thanks for info but I’m not really surprised by this.

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