Al Gorezeera


– Satire

Hugh Betcha, winner of the 2012 “Most Trusted Name in World News” award by MSNBC, a reporter who walks with kings and princes and has easy access to world leaders in the free world and elsewhere, was privileged to interview his old friend and drinking buddy, Al Gore this week over Gore’s recent sale of Current TV.

Gore, author of Inconvenient Humans, © 2009 Al Gore; No Really, It Is Global Warming, © 2009 Al Gore, A World Without Polar Bears, © 2010, Bye Bye North Pole, © 2011, Al Gore, Earth: A Dwarf Planet is Born, © Al Gore, 2012—which details how the center of the earth is actually hotter than the sun and will in time melt the outer core of the planet—Inconvenient Humans, © 2012.

Al Gore, Owning Zinc Mines—A Green Perspective on Pollution, © 2012, Al Gore. Getting Lucky—How to Approach Chicks in Hotels, © 2012 Al Gore, Pardon My Footprint—Using Private Jets Without Guilt, © 2013, and soon to be released: 2015—When the Icecaps Disappear, © 2013, Al Gore, and owner of a chain of “Al’s Massageand More” escort services, has added another to his list of accomplishments.

Former owner of a massive house which consumed ten times the power of a 10,000 person city, owner of interests in zinc mines and other environmentally incorrect holdings, and winner of theNobel Prize for Eco Hypocrisy, Inventor of the Internet and Almost President, Al recently pulled off a major coup by selling his lackluster media empire to a Al Jazeera, owned by Qatar, for hundreds of millions of dollars. And Hugh Betcha, his old friend and confidante was the first to receive word.

“Pretty awesome,” Hugh said, as he watched the Global Warming fall outside his picture window in beautiful downtown Wynstone, South Dakota, headquarters of the Stoos Views News Conglomerate. “You gotta be happy about that.”

“Yeah,” the Almost President replied, “pretty pumped about this one.”

“But don’t you feel a little sheepish about it? You know—bought with oil money and all?”

“Not in the least. Besides, their money is green,” Gore chuckled, “and as you know, I am all about green.”

“Yeah but Al Jazeera? The anti-West, anti-Jewish network? Isn’t this just one more foot in the door for the gradual Islamization of America?” Hugh asked.

“No worries—they promised me they will run nothing but cartoons, old reruns of Lassie, MASH, Little House on the Prairie and stuff like that,” Gore replied. “They are going to offer some original programming like ‘Taming the Jewish Dog” which I believe is a show devoted to dog training in Israel, ‘Fighting the Great Satan’ which is a religious program about resisting the temptations of the Devil, and other stuff like that. Oh, yeah, another one I like is ‘The Osama Bin Bombin Show,’ which I understand explores the wonders of Chemistry. They have assured me that they will be a very moderate voice with no particular agenda. And I, being all about free speech, encourage it.”

“Well, you sound pretty sure of all that.”

“Yeah sure as I am about one thing,” Gore replied.

“Which is?

“The polar ice caps—gone in three years. Mark it on your calendar.”


you are a total fraud al..a hypocritical hot air balloon..


~ by seeker401 on January 9, 2013.

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