Images 13/1/13










A loyalist protestor waves a Union Flag at Belfast City Hall, in Belfast




the center for biological diversity..fucking for them..


the BBC’s Elite game..dangerous..

in india they WANT guns..the juxtaposition..

your not asking for it..correct..but you could set off males who are incapable of controlling themselves..please be careful and continue on..

the pentagram in the horoscope.. thanks to platy 🙂

aaliyah..the one eye..

putins new mate..

USA spending pie chart..uh huh..

the union jack being given holy grail status in NI..

the egyptian snake god in the chinese year of the snake..apophis..the asteroid is named after it as well..synchronicity..

if you got the dark knight rises promo pack you got a t-shirt of bane and this map..pretty easy to read isnt it?


~ by seeker401 on January 13, 2013.

17 Responses to “Images 13/1/13”

  1. What the fuck is up with that woman? She is basically asking to get sexually assaulted.

  2. Dear Gary . . .i don’t think that was quite the point she seeks to make. What the fuck is up with the reptilian male brain . . .it just wants to assault women when is sees them without fur? WTF is up with these neanderthal humans . . .do you think? Maybe?

    • It’s no use, each time a woman goes around half-naked in sign of protest, most chauvinist pigs think she’s asking for something else. Neanderthal indeed. 😦

    • I knew that picture would be controversial and thats why i posted it. If it is a DNA thing as you state then how do we hardwire it differently if we are animals with primeval instincts? Discuss, don’t hate, just debate.

    • I don’t know, but when you walk like that, you could be attracted to the wrong people. I’m not saying I want something to happen to her but I’d hate for something to.

      • yes it’s an easy comment to make. How do we manage to move outside of the stereotypical set of judgments about this? It may help to consider the fact that walking around naked is clearly, the natural state. The fact that this actually has to be be declared as if it’s something really revolutionary is telling. So we are conditioned beings, brainwashed all by social constructs and contracts. This is how the powers that be keep us all in line by the way. Maybe it’s time to simply celebrate your sister’s freedon, liberation, hipness and happiness and vow to protect her if at all possible in every way you can?

        • well said..its hard conditioning to escape starts at birth when boys have blue and girls have pink etc..would be something that takes decades and thats with out looking how it would work in places like africa or asia where the problem is so much worse imo..via deep seated beliefs and lack of new knowledge or new ways of thinking etc..

  3. Hey that looks familiar! 🙂

  4. Always finding such scary images… I don’t know where you get them.

  5. It’s the best blog around, always having an eye on future lungs’ cancer. Still not asking for it however.

  6. So much Dark Knight synch looking at the Super Bowl uniforms 13 reminded me of this

  7. Have to throw this in too re: Yellow and Black

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