Has global warming ground to a halt? Flannery still flogging his lies when its hot in summer



AS Australians sweltered through a record-breaking summer heatwave this week, one of the world’s leading scientific bodies revised down its five-year projection for the world’s average temperature.

The revision, slipped quietly into the public domain on Christmas Eve by Britain’s Met Office, has fuelled a significant and growing debate about what exactly happened to global warming.


The UK’s Met Office has downgraded its forecast for warming at the Earth’s surface over the next five years. Headlines this week announced that global warming is “at a standstill”. Climate sceptics crowed. But the Met Office said the outlook for later in the century remains unchanged. New Scientist looks at the facts

Atmospheric warming has certainly slowed greatly in the past decade. The Met Office says this appears to be due to natural cycles that are counteracting the warming effect of greenhouse gases. After incorporating new analysis of natural cycles into its latest model of atmospheric and ocean circulation, it has concluded that we are in for a few more years of little change.

Having calculated annual global temperatures for the next five years, its best guess is that they will be, on average, 0.43 °C higher than the average for 1970 to 2000. That’s down from its previous prediction of a 0.54 °C rise. If the new prediction proves right, then 2017 will barely be warmer than most years in the past decade.

The forecast comes with a big error bar, however. The average warming for the next five years could be as much as 0.59 °C, or as little as 0.28 °C.

There is a growing awareness among climate scientists of the importance of natural variability in predicting climate change, especially in the short term, where it can completely obscure the global warming signal. This realisation has been bubbling up for a while. Four years ago, New Scientist reported evidence – including research by the Met Office’s Doug Smith – that natural cycles were pushing the atmosphere into a cold phase. Back then, we said the research “suggests that surface air temperatures will remain steady for the next six years or so, as cooler sea surface temperatures keep the lower atmosphere cool despite ever higher greenhouse gas levels”.



This summer, life in Australia resembles a compulsory and very unpleasant game of Russian roulette. A pool of hot air more than 1,000 miles wide has formed across the inland. It covers much of the continent, and has proved astonishingly persistent. Periodically, low pressure systems spill the heat towards the coast, where most Australians live. At Christmas it was Perth. Then the heat struck Adelaide, followed by Tasmania, Victoria, and southern New South Wales and Canberra. Over this weekend, it’s southern Queensland and northern New South Wales that look set to face the gun. And with every heatwave, the incidences of bushfires and heat-related deaths and injuries spike.

Australians are used to hot summers. We normally love them. But the conditions prevailing now are something new. Temperature records are being broken everywhere. At Leonora, in the Western Australian interior, it reached 49C this week – the national high – and just one record temperature among many. The nation’s overall temperature record was set on 7 January. Then the following day that record was exceeded, by half a degree celsius.

The breaking of so many temperature records indicates that Australia’s climate is shifting. This is supported by analysis of the long-term trend. Over the past 40 years we’ve seen a decline in the number of very cold days, and the occurrence of many more very hot days. All of this was predicted by climate scientists decades ago, and is consistent with the increasing greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere.

The new conditions have seen the Bureau of Meteorology add two new colour categories to Australia’s weather prediction maps. Temperatures of 48-50C used to be the highest, and where such extremes were anticipated, the weather map was marked black. Over the last week, purple patches have begun to appear on some maps. They mark temperatures above 50C. Pink, which is yet to be deployed, will denote temperatures above 52C.


oh the warming has stopped..no doubt..and they dont know what to do..because CO2 emissions have increased..LOL?

now they admit they have to include natural variables..well…i would have thought they did that already?

the new purple and pink for australian temperatures was a pure psyop..it wasnt needed..it was a mass of heat sitting in the middle of australia which got blown over to the east..it happens every summer..you know..summer is when its hot..and you do know obviously that 80% of australia is a desert?..deserts are generally hot eh?

flannery has no credibility and actually does his religion a disservice when he appears in the media..

here is another stat for you..in australia each year we have 52,000 bush fires..and half of those are deliberately/mistakenly lit..bushfires are what we live with..and always have..


~ by seeker401 on January 15, 2013.

9 Responses to “Has global warming ground to a halt? Flannery still flogging his lies when its hot in summer”

  1. Global Warming is one of the biggest scams ever in the world. it’s a fucking joke. They use it over here in the U.S. to scare people into thinking the environment is dying and how it’s your fault and my fault, and so on. Yeah they totally ignore the obvious. It’s all a joke and a scam.

    • look out for the post tomorrow and i will show the “CO2 pie chart”..then you really will get enraged!

      • I can’t believe people are so fooled by it though. I had an hour long discussion with this idiot about this a few months ago, and he didn’t take any time to look up anything. “Oh our media wouldn’t lie to us, they do great research” ROFL yeah I gave up after that. They wouldn’t lie to use even though they have repeatedly lied about big shit from 9/11 to our Muslim president that we still don’t know anything about since his records are sealed.

        • thing that gets me is this..i know awakened people..who think like me, dont trust governments, know all the history of false flags and who runs the world..yet they suck this story up as fucking gospel truth..why do they think this is true and everything else ever done isnt?..they know the bankers stand to win.. they know the trading in billions of dollars that is going to come with this..they know we will be crushed by energy charges and supplementing RE..yet they say on this point “they” are telling the truth..the same nasa who lied about the moon and was created by NAZIs via Operation Paperclip and occult leaders..the same scientists who told us Piltdown man was real and he ended up being a fakeout, the same media who covers up all the truth, climategate told us what was going on..its all there..etc etc..i just shake my head..its a global governance thing, a NWO one government thing..i can show it historically and i have tracked it for for years as its creeps into everything we do..

      • it’s simple seek. whether or not people think of themselves as atheists or theists, if they’ve been brought up in the western traditions then deep-down they belive the following is a fundamental truth:

        “people are bad. people are sinners. people cause all the bad things.”

        that’s why leftists think authoritarian government is the cure to all ills. that’s why right wingers think controlling ‘bad’ people with money is the right thing to do.

        and of course, it makes the elite’s job of fooling people all the more easy.

        once again, all the religions are INVENTED for a PURPOSE,

  2. Did you know that it snowed in Saudi Arabia !!


    , I think it snow there too last year.

    • Got a story I will link that to tomorrow. Strangely the stories about cooling dont get the same attention!

  3. seek I know what you mean, and at the same time while they believe this shit, they’ll tell you how bad you are for being religious. I know the truth in all of this. The bankers are the boss, and I don’t get how the ones that know this can believe in global warming. it’s all a joke and most of all they cash in on this bullshit. They make money off of it, follow the money, as your blog says…

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