Obama: America is “not a deadbeat nation”



America is “not a deadbeat nation”, US President Barack Obama has said, as he warned Republicans unconditionally to approve a rise in the US debt ceiling.

At a White House news conference, he said it would be “absurd” to use the borrowing limit as a negotiating chip.

But Republican House Speaker John Boehner said spending cuts should accompany a federal debt ceiling rise.

The US is expected to hit its $16.4tn (£10.2tn) borrowing limit by February unless lawmakers act.

Monday’s press conference came a week before the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC that will begin Mr Obama’s second term.

The Democratic president warned lawmakers: “They will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the economy.”

He demanded that Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives approve a rise in the federal government’s authority to borrow money to pay existing obligations – without seeking policy concessions in return.

The last debt ceiling battle between Congress and Mr Obama ended in July 2011, after bringing the nation close to default and resulting in a credit rating downgrade as well as financial market turmoil.

“The full faith and credit of the United States of America is not a bargaining chip. And they [Republicans] better decide quickly because time is running short,” Mr Obama said.

He said he was happy to engage in debate over US fiscal policy, but only after an increase in the debt limit.

“We are not a deadbeat nation,” he said.

“While I’m willing to compromise and find common ground over how to reduce our deficits, America cannot afford another debate with this Congress about whether or not they should pay the bills they’ve already racked up.”

He added: “What I will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the American people.”


the pharaoh wants to do whatever the hell he wants..yeah fuck it..there should be no debt ceiling..it should be infinite like geithner and bernanke wanted..whats another 5-10 trillion between friends..it will never be paid anyway..the USA has been bankrupt since the 1930s..how dare anyone tell them to stop borrowing and spending..


~ by seeker401 on January 16, 2013.

16 Responses to “Obama: America is “not a deadbeat nation””

  1. He wants to do whatever the hell he wants and he sure as hell will. People have been talking about Obama trying to bankrupt the nation, and they talk about how stupid he is with this shit, but deep down he knows exactly what he is doing….They want to bankrupt this country and turn it towards socialism, and eventually make him the communist dictator that he’s been trying to achieve for all along. I love how they are saying that it would be un-constiutional for him to take our guns, where the fuck were these guys to say it was un-constiutional when the NDAA was signed? He can do whatever the hell he wants, including raising the debt ceiling so he can go spending more and more, and take those 6 million dollar vacations. No president has spent more money than Obama, but like you said how dare anyone tell them in the U.S. over here they can’t spend.

    We are an arrogant, narcissistic nation and we have the perfect president that represents this.

    • its not going to end well.. 😦

    • Another dog and pony show brought to you by the traitors in Washington D.C. and their masters!

      Gary, try not to be too hard on just Obama, ’cause he is only carrying the torch for the plans made by the Clinton/Bush Treasonency. After all, the one thing that everyone seems to forget is, by himself, he has no power – the power lies in Congress and the legislators. They could stop anything they want to…along with that guy in the big red and white dress who is always alongside them all at state dinners and such.

      It takes a very arrogant and Narcissistic person to become a politician in these times, in my opinion. Anyone today who thinks they can change what is happening in this corrupt world, by running for office is crazy OR just plain arrogant and/or, bought off or being blackmailed!

      The only ‘one’s’ who can change anything now, is the ‘people’.

      • dfghbv

        the real power?

      • That’s why I tell people to walk away, stop empowering them. WE empower them, they don’t empower us. Why even vote when it’s rigged anyway? I tell them that, they still vote. I haven’t voted ever, and never will. The next American Revolution don’t need to be 1776, we just need to walk away silently. Stop feeding into the debt/death circle.

        • assholes make it compulsory over here..i get fined $200 for not voting and they cling to that law like a leech to skin..

  2. Oh yeah, forgot they sometimes wear black to those dinner affairs. And sometimes, they even wear their magicians outfits in pink 🙂


    gotta love the ‘magi’

    • wsedfds

      ho ho ho..

      • That picture is beyond words. Yeah Romney wouldn’t have fixed nothing. You see this all the time the dems and republicans laughing and at parties with each other. Just a reminder it’s all an illusion and they are the same damn thing. That’s why I didn’t vote for Romney,I researched, and he was exactly like Obama.

  3. I’m right there with you Gary about not voting, why would we give our consent to others, evil men and women who have proven themselves, more obviously today than any other time, to be criminals? Why give up your birth right of free will to any ONE?

    I think, one of the biggest ‘illusions’ we’ve been fed, is that we need a god here On Earth, in order to live in THEIR ‘kingdom of gods’. We, the people, have given THEM the keys to OUR kingdom…literally! We are forfeiting our lives, sacrificing OUR lives so THEY can live like ‘kings’. THEY are THIEVES and THEY”VE stolen everything, including our individuality. THEY tell us how to think! It’s crazy… If you believe in God, he only gave us one law, Love one another! It’s just that simple – and you will only find that love, within yourself – and I believe, that is where God lives, within us.

    We feed THEM, literally, we work THEIR fields -they’ve ‘claimed’ all the land belongs to THEM, We crusade for THEM, so they can add onto their kingdom, literally, by going to kill innocent people in other lands- and we worship in THEIR churches, not that good people aren’t there believing they are worshiping GOD, but God didn’t create ‘churches’ or buildings or head figures, THEY did. We look to THEM for labor, jobs, so after we’ve fed THEM, we can feed our families and pay THEIR taxes! And they control that too – phony recessions, phony depressions, good times, bad times, THEY control it all, because WE let THEM!

    It’s how THEY control our lives, where’s the ‘free will’ in that? Everything has been MAGIcally turned upside down, and people are so busy defending their own indoctrinations and views, they miss the big lies. Even the one that says the united states is a democracy – we are supposed to be a republic, governed by the people – not the few, but the many. It was never meant to protect the criminals, it was meant to protect the people from the criminals, but that in itself was another lie! The lie that led to the ‘illusion’ of freedom. And those same people today, are allowing us to see this, so we can destroy ourselves, OUR country and OUR supposed free government. Even the assholes in Washington are blind to the fact that they too are going to be sacrificed by the kings of this world, but at the hands of the ‘slaves’. Our country will self implode because of all the division that the parties have created with the help of the media and the pulpit, and it was all by design.

    And actually, you will find that every administration had/has a ‘MAGI’ or bishop or head of the ‘family’ – think ‘god’father’ by their side, at their dinners, at their conferences, in our Congress, etc… ALL countries have their ‘priests’ or ‘pharisees’, The ‘hidden hand’, the shadow government that has always been right in our faces, we just don’t see it – cause it’s MAGIk!

    Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia/Middle East, and the Vatican are ‘the kingdoms’ or at least where their empires rule from, but many and most of the people are also slaves to THEIR religions – Protestants, Jews, Islam and Roman Catholics!

    In January of this year, this is what the Pope said:

    “Bishops, LIKE the Magi, go before, showing the way of the nations towards Jesus Christ ”

    ” the Wise Men from the East who, guided by the star, made their way to the manger of Bethlehem, are only the beginning of a great procession which winds throughout history,” a “pilgrimage of the nations to Jesus Christ … The Bishop has the duty not only to walk on this journey together with others, but to go before them, showing them the way”.

    Yep, who are the ‘first’ ones there in an ‘undeveloped nation’, the ‘priests’. Indoctrinating, putting the fear of god in the people, lies of a promised land, blah blah blah, and the next thing you know, war…troops…democracizing their nation – literally stealing their culture, their resources, their land, for the ‘common good’ of the kings.. They are stealing their free will! They are creating another kingdom of the gods! Hell, the magi from the east really pissed off Herod, because they lied back then about the timing of the ‘star’, so Herod had all of their male babies killed! SO just who were those magi back then?

    sorry, I am ranting and raving because I’m watching THEM setting up their final WORLD KINGDOM, the mother of all kingdoms, the final conquest of the lands, to enslave and ‘cleanse’ the earth of the ones THEY think have no right to live, and most don’t even see whats coming – the fake Apocalypse, and the beginning of the New World, where once again, THEY will set up their thrones to reign over ALL of mankind under one big empire – and STILL the people won’t open their eyes!

    and on a lighter note, and a very truthful note, stay tuned, because after this comes ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ – remember, this apocalypse, is just an illusion, because we have yet to fight those ‘fallen angels’ 🙂

    • the seed of cain know they have an achilles heel..they fear it

      “Yep, who are the ‘first’ ones there in an ‘undeveloped nation’, the ‘priests’. Indoctrinating, putting the fear of god in the people, lies of a promised land, blah blah blah, and the next thing you know, war…troops…democracizing their nation – literally stealing their culture, their resources, their land, for the ‘common good’ of the kings..”

      very well said..

  4. Agree with everything you said intriguedbyr. I am all for religion but I do not like it being mixed into politics. God very well does live inside all of us, and LOVE is the cure for every evil. That’s why they rather us fight and hate each other rather than love and unite. That’s why they come up with this bullshit like black vs white, poor vs rich, democrat vs republican christian vs muslim, and so on and so on. The media does a great job making us hate each other for differences, when all along those differences are really similarities

    Hey seek, just for a laugh, you gotta see this

    • “A lime-green Nerf toy gun caused an hours-long lock-down at a Long Island school on Tuesday.

      A 911 caller told Nassau County Police she saw a suspicious teen at about 7:38 a.m. Tuesday wearing a black jacket and carrying a black backpack at Elmont Memorial high School in Elmont.

      The caller said he was also carrying a lime green gun.

      A SWAT team searched the school room by room. Parents were allowed to pick up their children early Tuesday afternoon.

      They eventually found the toy lime green and yellow lever action Nerf gun in a student locker. Police did not make any arrests and the lockdown was lifted.”


  5. for usa civil war is 1250% evident, the rest is sideshow.

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