Global cyber spy network uncovered by Russian experts


A sophisticated cyber-espionage network targeting the world’s diplomatic, government and research agencies, as well as gas and oil industries, has been uncovered by experts at Russia’s Kaspersky Lab.

The system’s targets include a wide range of countries, with the primary focus on Eastern Europe, former Soviet republics and Central Asia – although many in Western Europe and North America are also on the list.

“The majority of infections are actually from the embassies of ex-USSR country members located in various regions such as Western Europe and even in North America – in the US we have few infections as well. But most infections are concentrated around Russia,”  Vitaly Kamluk, chief malware expert at Kasperky Lab, told RT, adding that in Europe, the hardest-hit countries are apparently Beligum and Switzerland.

In addition to attacking traditional computer workstations, ‘Rocra’ – an abridgment of ‘Red October,’ the name the Kaspersky team gave the network – can steal data from smartphones, dump network equipment configurations, scan through email databases and local network FTP servers, and snatch files from removable disk drives, including ones that have been erased.

Unlike other well-known and highly automated cyber-espionage campaigns, such as ‘Flame’ and ‘Gauss,’ Rorca’s attacks all appear to be carefully chosen. Each operation is apparently driven by the configuration of the victim’s hardware and software, native language and even document usage habits.

The information extracted from infected networks is often used to gain entry into additional systems. For example, stolen credentials were shown to be compiled in a list for use when attackers needed to guess passwords or phrases.

The hackers behind the network have created more than 60 domain names and several server hosting locations in different countries – the majority of those known being in Germany and Russia – which worked as proxies in order to hide the location of the ‘mothership’ control server.

That malicious server’s location remains unknown, but experts have uncovered over 1,000 modules belonging to 34 different module categories.While Rocra seems to have been designed to execute one-time tasks sent by the hackers’ servers, a number of modules were constantly present in the system executing persistent tasks. This included retrieving information about a phone, its contact list, call history, calendar, SMS messages and even browsing history as soon as an iPhone or a Nokia phone is connected to the system.


kaspersky probably set them up himself thats why he knows all about them ! 🙂


~ by seeker401 on January 17, 2013.

8 Responses to “Global cyber spy network uncovered by Russian experts”

  1. Here’s some synchronicity for ya, lol

    Die Hard director John McTiernan heading to prison
    “A judge is now expected to order Mr McTiernan to go to prison.

    Mr McTiernan was originally accused of lying about hiring former celebrity private investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap film producer, Chuck Roven, after they both worked on the movie Rollerball.

    After serving a custodial sentence, the filmmaker – who also directed The Hunt for Red October and Predator – will be on supervised release for three years.”

    the whole Pellicano case is interesting, which makes me wonder what he overheard and from who while he was wiretapping the stars, and especially the head of MGM. Pellicano at one time, did wiretapping for the government, so it’s all the more interesting to me they locked him up.

    and Chuck Roven? He was the producer of all the Batman Movies

    and since you mentioned Kaspersky, thought this was really interesting

    Kaspersky Lab Partners with The Dark Knight Rises to Launch the Ultimate Batman Sweepstakes

    Participants who help Batman stop Bane’s newest threat are entered for a chance to win a “Batman New York City Experience”

    Woburn, MA –July 2, 2012

  2. Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab, said: “Like the Dark Knight in his struggle against the insidious threats posed by Bane, Kaspersky Lab fights the equally insidious threats posed by cybercriminals all around the world; in this way we’re both quite simply ‘here to save the world.’ I think joining forces with The Dark Knight Rises is a compelling way to engage Batman fans across North America and reinforce our mission to fight cybercriminal activity around the world.”

    Everytime I hear ‘Bane’, it makes me think of Tom Monaghan who sold Domino’s to Bain Capital in 1998. weird huh?

  3. Kirk Kerkorian, fascinating life he lead this guy, head of MGM

    This story is kinda odd about Kirk…seems even today, there are reports he is dead.

    Same year that Pellicano was being tried for wiretapping, including the Armenian American Kerkorkian, the pope’s secretary went to Armenia even with all of the unrest at the time.

    all that synchronicity amazes me every time – sorry, I totally threw your original story off didnt mean to do that 😦

  4. Thanks seek, I remember that scene in Batman from back in the day – back when I had no idea really or even thought about who or what Skull and Bones were, lol. I’ve never seen the other link though regarding 911- watching now.

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