Images 3/2/13









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Ceauşescu and Kim Il-Sung waltzed for Abel's lens


busy we go..

yeah so what..they dont mean us any harm..*sarcasm

can you see lee in the background?..wonderful skills to shoot from a few stories above and also be down on the ground..the patsy..

beyonce one eye..such a mimer!

acura and the rays of the sun..

department of education logo with more rays of the sun..and an esoteric tree of life for good measure..

soylent green indeed..prophetic?

the new “green” jobs? or just jobs for children?

flies are attracted to..hmm..lords of the flies?

historical writings showing NSW with 60C days in the 1860’s..more proof that the world is not getting hotter..if anything its cooling again..

if you have seen prometheus you know its a bible story..about aliens..this picture is a cell.. miraculously making itself into 4 magic..

wise words from malcolm or inciting violence?

a very rare and candid picture of 2 dictators carrying on like dipshits..Ceausescu and Kim..


~ by seeker401 on February 3, 2013.

7 Responses to “Images 3/2/13”

  1. That is why the should stop printing paper books, and then incidentally (w)hack the internet library. Books can’t be good for the (fake money printers) energy prankers. There is an idiom here that says: you don’t attract flies with vinegar. Oh mabbe it is an one eyed fly? if we only’d get rid of the shit below to catch it and judge

  2. LOL at the last one – Christmas in N.Korea? Audition for the Nutcracker’s Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies ?

  3. Thought you’d want to see this Seek. This guy normally don’t do Illuminatti videos but looks like he put all the pieces in order.

    You know something funny about Sympathy for the Devil being in that video? Look at heavy metal concerts. They are by far some of the most violent shows that I ever intended. If someone says that music don’t get inside you and encourage you to do things, they are lying through their teeth. I seen people at Pantera shows try to murder each other, almost every show I went to with a mosh pit, people were trying to kill each other in those things.

    • yeah a lot of clues but we have seen this sort of stuff before..perhaps if its exposed it doesn’t happen?.. certainly a lot of devil talk around..

      • They don’t even have to hide it anymore, it’s in plain sight. Symbols too, the symbols are everywhere these days.

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