$3M to be spent on “internet trolls” as EU looks to 2014 election



The EU will spend more than $3 million on ‘troll monitors’ to trawl Eurosceptic debates on the internet ahead of European elections in June 2014, UK media reports. It comes amid fears that hostility against the EU is growing.

The new strategy will include “public opinion monitoring” to “identify at an early stage whether debates of a political nature among followers in social media and blogs have the potential to attract media and citizens’ interest,” according to internal documents reportedly discovered by the Telegraph.

Spending on “qualitative media analysis” will be increased by more than $2.6 million. Most of the money will be found in existing budgets, although an additional $1.2 million will be needed.

“Particular attention needs to be paid to the countries that have experienced a surge in Euroscepticism,” a confidential document said.

The monitors’ roles are clearly laid out in the documents. The controversial plan is designed to promote a stronger Europe, while engaging in conversation with those who hold an anti-EU sentiment.

“Parliament’s institutional communicators must have the ability to monitor public conversation and sentiment on the ground and in real time, to understand ‘trending topics’ and have the capacity to react quickly, in a targeted and relevant manner, to join in and influence the conversation, for example, by providing facts and figures to deconstructing myths.”

“In order to reverse the perception that ‘Europe is the problem’, we need to communicate that the answer to existing challenges… is ‘more Europe’ – not ‘less Europe’.”

But the EU is facing an uphill battle, as it seeks to change the minds of those who associate the bloc with economic crisis and high rates of unemployment.

“It is evident that the EU’s image is suffering,” the document said.

The information has been met with disapproval by many, who say the strategy is a waste of time.

“Spending over a million pounds ($1.5 million) for EU public servants to become Twitter trolls in office hours is wasteful and truly ridiculous,” UK Independent Party Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall told the Telegraph.

Training for the so-called “Twitter trolls” is set to take place later this month.


oh nice..trained twitter trolls..and as if they arent doing it already..and as if the rest of world isnt doing it already..it is..they are out there right now..trying to change your thinking..


~ by seeker401 on February 5, 2013.

5 Responses to “$3M to be spent on “internet trolls” as EU looks to 2014 election”

  1. Troll monitors what is the point in this? There is already an entire generation of youth that think it’s normal to go on websites n type lik dis jus cuz it is cool yo yo

    • these are more devious..i see them on twitter a lot..they attempt to influence chats and pages(hashtags)

      • and anyone that is trying to influence violence in those areas on the internet is more than likely an undercover agent trying to bust someone.

  2. damn, just gimme the three mill and i’ll stop 🙂

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