Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has fiercely denied corruption you do


He said his Popular Party (PP) was committed to reforms that would steer Spain away from the financial crisis.

Mr Rajoy rejected opposition calls for his resignation after a newspaper published images of documents allegedly showing secret payments to PP members.

He said the claims were “totally false” and denied receiving illegal money.

Speaking alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, Mr Rajoy said his government remained strong and would overcome the accusations, which have sparked protests and an online petition for his resignation signed by 850,000 people.

“The government is stable. The PP has a majority,” Mr Rajoy said. “It’s carrying out its agenda based on reforms.”

Mrs Merkel said Germany would support the Spanish government’s efforts.

“I have the impression that the whole Spanish government is working to drive down unemployment, to push through structural reforms,” she said.

The International Monetary Fund also gave Mr Rajoy’s government a vote of confidence – saying on Monday that Spain’s financial and banking reforms were at an “advanced stage”.

But Spain’s benchmark Ibex share index dropped 2.86% late on Monday amid worries about the corruption scandal and its potential implications.

However, there was some speculation in Spanish media that Mr Rajoy, in one of his answers at the press conference, appeared to have admitted that some of what the El Pais newspaper published was correct.

Asked about the payments, he said: “Everything that refers to me, and that appears there, and to some of my fellow party members that appear there, is not right, except for something that the media has published.”


merkel is nearly giving him the finger there..

corruption in governments..NEVER!

give them the perp walk and put the cuffs on them..

“Mrs Merkel said Germany would support the Spanish government’s efforts.”



~ by seeker401 on February 8, 2013.

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