Tunisia PM forms new government after assassination



Tunisia is to form a non-partisan government of technocrats to run the country until elections can be held, the prime minister has said.

Hamadi Jebali made the announcement at the end of a day that saw a leading opposition figure killed and protests break out in several major cities.

Anti-Islamist politician Chokri Belaid was shot in the head and neck in Tunis.

His killing was the first political assassination since the Arab Spring uprising of January 2011.

He was shot dead at close range as he left for work by a gunmen who fled on the back of a motorcycle.

Announcing the new government in a nationally televised address, Mr Jebali said he had decided to form a government of “competent nationals without political affiliation”.

The new ministers would have a mandate “limited to managing the affairs of the country until elections are held in the shortest possible time,” he added.



Hamadi Jebali (Arabic: حمادي الجبالي‎, Ḥammādī al-Jibālī; born 12 January 1949) is a Tunisian engineer, Islamist politician and journalist who has been Prime Minister of Tunisia since December 2011. He is the Secretary-General of the Ennahda Movement, a moderate Islamist party in Tunisia.

Born in Sousse, Hamadi Jebali studied engineering. He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Tunis University and added a masters programme in photovoltaic engineering in Paris, France. As a specialist for solar energy and wind power, he founded his own enterprise in Sousse.


the opposition leader gets killed..so the prime minister puts technocrats in charge of the country..how does that work?

sounds like a plan..

and dont doubt jebali is one of  “them”..


~ by seeker401 on February 8, 2013.

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