35 ancient pyramids discovered in Sudan necropolis



At least 35 small pyramids, along with graves, have been discovered clustered closely together at a site called Sedeinga in Sudan.

Discovered between 2009 and 2012, researchers are surprised at how densely the pyramids are concentrated. In one field season alone, in 2011, the research team discovered 13 pyramids packed into  roughly 5,381 square feet (500 square meters), or  slightly larger than an NBA basketball court.

They date back around 2,000 years to a time when a kingdom named Kush flourished in Sudan. Kush shared a border with Egypt and, later on, the Roman Empire. The desire of the kingdom’s people to build pyramids was apparently influenced by Egyptian funerary architecture.

At Sedeinga, researchers say, pyramid building continued for centuries. “The density of the pyramids is huge,” said researcher Vincent Francigny, a research associate with the American Museum of Natural History in New York, in an interview with LiveScience. “Because it lasted for hundreds of years they built more, more, more pyramids and after centuries they started to fill all the spaces that were still available in the necropolis.”


great stuff..these are all over the world..some hidden..some crumbled and some are waiting to be found..what made all these different groups and civilizations build like this?

these arent huge but they are significant..


~ by seeker401 on February 13, 2013.

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  1. “what made all these different groups and civilizations build like this?”

    white fellas….

    what most people don’t realise is that there is a very strong “out of Egypt” influence throughout Northern Europe also. The ancient, pre-dynastic, Egyptians (Nordic European physiology) began leaving that increasingly arid region as early as 5000 BC and heading for the verdant territories of Europe. They left waymark trails all the way along the top of North Africa to the Pillars of Hercules, then crossed the thin strip of water adjacent to Gibraltar and entered Europe.

    Their waymark trails (marked by cairns and standing stones) extended up the coastline of Spain, Portugal and France to Scandinavia. Obviously, the people crossed to Britain from there or ventured east into other areas of Europe. Some remnant “out of Egypt and Israel” waymark trails extend to China and Korea. The (circa) 3000 stones at Carnac in Brittany, France were erected by people “out of Egypt”. The site preserves the navigational and astronomical cycle codes used in the earlier Egyptian homeland, also encoded into the dimensions and angles of the pyramids of Giza and Saqqara, etc.

    European origins, heritage and pedigrees, including those of the late era Celts (1000 BC), go back to Egypt or other regions in the Near East, Middle East, Northern India and the Tarin Basin. Our people were once distributed in countries right around the Mediterranean and extending out into the Atlantic to the Canary Islands. The Gaunche people of the Canary Islands flowed into Northern Spain and became the Basques… or into Africa and became the earliest Berbers. The Gaunche also built stepped-stone pyramids, like those of South America or Oceania.

    The Egyptians of today are not the Egyptians of 2000 BC or before and you can easily ascertain that fact by studying any of the older books about the physical anthropology of the pre-dynastic to middle-kingdom period mummies of the region. This “Nordic European” physiological attribute is not limited to the ruling classes of ancient Egypt only, but to the general populations. It is also present in the features of statues and busts or upon carved and painted wall panels, showing people with red and blond hair, etc., and blue eyes.


    • dont see how they got to south america and in particluar easter island..dating wouldnt line up as well..but very interesting link thanks..some truth to it im sure..

  2. and by the same fella. martin doutre. the greatest historical ‘beat down’ ive ever read…;

    What you conveniently overlook or are deliberately obtuse or blind to is that our many, European families of nations and cousin cultures are very, very ancient and widely travelled since remote antiquity. We have been the bearers of advanced, progressive and continuous civilisations for at least eight thousand years in Europe, with yet earlier and later links to countries bordering the Eastern Mediterranean, Northern India or the Tarin Basin. Please tell me how much more ancient your culture is than mine, and how all of your superior experience can aid or give succour to our (by comparison) young and undeveloped, fledgling culture?

    My people are very open to education, in all categories. In exploring alternative spirituality alone, they have studied under Guru’s, Shamans and all manner of Priests and Priestesses of every persuasion and culture since time immemorial…and especially in recent years, after finding little solace or deep-set meaning in the brand of Romanised Christianity, brutally forced upon us many centuries ago, resulting in the loss of our long-term, ancient, nature-worship religions.

    What enduring and traditional cultural expressions would you like to teach us? … perhaps a wide range of ancient technologies, architecture, advanced sciences, medicine and herbal remedies, agronomy, botany, mathematics, astronomy, engineering on a very large and ambitious scale, musical harmonics and instruments, sculptor, the fine arts, dance, animal husbandry and equestrian skills, crop rotation and sustainable organic farming, fishing, weaving and textile production, metallurgy and toolmaking, papermaking, alchemy, physics, optics, shipwright and navigation, writing, philosophy, poetry, etiquette and benevolent social interaction, jurisprudence and law-based society, political science and government, sports and games, military strategy and weaponry, religion, humanity and empathy for all living things, ecology and conservation, birth control and sustainable population, Wiccan or spiritual sensitivity development, etc., etc, ….what?

  3. he follows where they have been, by technology used and the study of language. AND mummies with red/blonde hair, blue eyes.

  4. This is an incredible find, love these type of posts

  5. […] 35 ancient pyramids discovered in Sudan necropolis (seeker401.wordpress.com) […]

  6. Saw this linked at SOTT, article says it/ they(?) are thought to be 20,000 years old (not been to the source material yet, it may say something different). Might be looking at the end of the out of Egypt theory!

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