Banki Moon speaks: “Sexual violence is widespread” in in “a downward global spiral of extreme weather and disaster”..downward?


“Fighting rages. Sectarian hatred is on the rise. The catalogue of war crimes is mounting. Sexual violence is widespread,” said United Nations Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-moon, speaking of the conflict in Syria in an address to a major United States think tank on Monday.

In his remarks, Ban Ki-moon highlighted Syria and climate change as two major issues that threatened huge, global consequences and called for the international community to uphold its responsibilities in facing them.

“In both cases, the international community is not upholding its responsibilities,” Mr. Ban told the Council on Foreign Relations as he delivered the Sorensen Distinguished Lecture of that group, in an event moderated by news anchor Christiane Amanpour.

“Both risk the harsh judgement of history should present trends continue. And both require collective action that must involve the United States,” Mr. Ban said in the talk, during which he announced plans to visit Washington D.C. later this week for talks with Secretary of State John Kerry and other government officials.

“Syria is self-destructing,” he said of the nearly two-year old conflict between President Bashar al-Assad and its opposition, which has left more than 60,000 people, mostly civilians, dead and more than four million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

“The situation cries out for action by the Security Council in particular,” he said. “The Security Council must no longer stand on the sidelines, dead-locked, silently witnessing the slaughter. It must be willing, at long last, to come together and establish the parameters for the democratic transition that could save Syria.”

Urging both the Security Council and Syrian authorities to respond positively to the offer tendered by opposition leader Moaz al Khatib to open discussions with the Assad government, he said: “We need to find a way towards negotiations between empowered Government and opposition delegations that can make key decisions about the country’s future.”

In that light and in the context of the broader Arab world and elsewhere, he cautioned, however, that “people want real change, not grudging, cosmetic adjustments,” and that current troubles in Egypt and Libya should not be seen as proof that the old order was a better one.”

A positive outcome to such changes required “close and patient engagement,” he said: “The international community has a duty to accompany these transitions with meaningful contributions.”

Turning next to what he called “the gathering threat of climate change,” he noted that scientists have long sounded the alarm on what he called the gathering threat,” stressing that the potential consequences were well known, including “a downward global spiral of extreme weather and disaster,” along with development reversals, increased displacement, aggravated tensions over resources and destabilization of fragile states.

Despite the dire possibilities, he said, however that, “Too many leaders seem content to keep climate change at arm’s length, and in its policy silo. Too few grasp the need to bring the threat to the centre of global security, economic and financial management.”

“It is time to move beyond spending enormous sums addressing the damage, and to make the investments that will repay themselves many times over,” he said, noting the potential of the renewable industry to do that and to spur the world economy, as proposed in his Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

“A global climate change agreement would give us the engine we need to advance us decisively on this path,” he stressed, welcoming US President Barack Obama’s “new resolve” to address climate change and give it high political priority.

Calling for government and business leaders to mobilize the political will for a global, legally binding climate change agreement by 2015, he said. “World leaders have pledged to reach an agreement, and we must hold them to that promise.”

Urging world leaders to strengthen and utilize the United Nations in facing both urgent challenges and others facing the world, he warned, however, that “International machinery does not operate on its own. Hardware requires programmers.”

“We need national leaders who think globally. We need a stronger sense of collective responsibility. And we need the United States,” he said.


“sexual violence is widespread”..what makes banki say that?

i hadnt heard it was any worse than other wars..but he uses this statement for a reason..

and then he describes the “downward spiral” is he saying the extreme events are becoming less?.. because if you spiral upwards it gets bigger..if you spiral downwards it gets smaller..truly..these guys are just puppets..saying what ever they are told to..without really knowing what they are saying..


~ by seeker401 on February 17, 2013.

14 Responses to “Banki Moon speaks: “Sexual violence is widespread” in in “a downward global spiral of extreme weather and disaster”..downward?”

  1. the israelis always use sexual terror, whether it is in abu ghraib, syria, palestine, or their slave client state, the ussa.

  2. probably was a secret market call for the global warming bubble/scam

  3. Weird indeed, it sounds like a message to me, but what do I know. 🙂

    What is the United States’ Role in Addressing Sexual Violence in Libya and Syria?

    Patricia Haslach
    Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations
    Toronto, Canada
    February 8, 2013

    The sexual violence sounds like an agenda. Forcing the nations to allow women to be a greater part of their societies/business/labor. Forcing these nations to comply with the desires and wishes of the controllers. But why is the U.N. expecting the U.S. to address this problem unless it is going to be another military intervention and sacrifice of innocent lives again?

    Seems like hundreds of people have left Syria supposedly because of ‘sexual violence’, but some of the articles I’ve read are blaming both the government and the ‘terrorists’. Someone is not playing the game the way it’s supposed to go, methinks. Maybe the U.N. and their puppeteers didn’t expect all of the laborers to leave the country.

    Downward spiral, to me, is almost in a depression, or heading that way if not addressed. Like an airplane. Sounds like the banksters need another bailout or someone is getting too greedy and needs to pull back gently on the wheel before spiraling out of control and crashing? What does it have to do with the global warming scam though and disasters? Global economic disaster?

    Maybe the Boeing lithium battery disruptive technology scam was going a bit too far? Can you imagine the amount of monies the corporations will lose if no one has a job, and they can’t afford to replace their cell phones, ipads, laptops, cars etc but dump them for fear of injury? I believe the greedy ones have way too much going on this time and they’re killing the global working class financially.


    It’s like beating a dead horse.

    • Good link. Fail everywhere. The models as I keep saying are flawed from their genesis. And these models then are used for everything else they try to predict, all the studies generate numbers through these models or the derivatives of. Hence you get incorrect interpretations and alarmism results every time. So it doesn’t take much to create a problem if the models have dodgy data firstly and don’t predict correctly anyway secondly. They have been duped.

  5. XXX thinking the same why theUN was form is always the answer

  6. Let Syria self destruct, same as I hope Egypt and Tunisia and all them m-uslim tyrranies would do. They do not deserve any better. We helped them get rid of their dictators only to replace the old dictators with new extreme muslim ones. Egypt today has as President a meber of the Muslim Brotherood, that sme organsation that assasinated Anwar Sadat for havibng made peace with Israel.

    So, let them rot and kill themselves to oblivion.

    • first of all, fuck “israel.” fuck anwar sadat for being a fucking zionist. fuck the muslim brotherhood for being a front for british intelligence. and of course, fuck you for being a fucking racist and an idiot who believes in fucking LIES.

      you “helped” them??? how fucking arrogant are you? you’ve never done a thing but shit on arabs for your entire fucking life.

      why should arabs “rot and kill themselves?” are arabs invading the lands of others? no, that’s what YOUR country does. do arabs use radioactive arms against civilians? no, that’s what YOUR country does.

      so, it’s pretty fucking clear who needs to “rot and kill themselves.” look in the fucking mirror, fucking american zionist.

  7. Ban ki Loon is nothing but a stoog in the hands of the globalists. He is parroting Obama and the Gang (Club) of Rome who are on the verge of creating a world governmrnt. The latest is a free-trade agreement between EU and USA. That was how the EU superstate monster commenced: With a free trade agreement.

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