CNN anchor queries Asteroid caused by Global Warming?..seriously


the stupid runs deep here..very deep..this came after she blamed the blizzard on global warming..warming with cold and you turn on a fire to cool your house down?


~ by seeker401 on February 18, 2013.

6 Responses to “CNN anchor queries Asteroid caused by Global Warming?..seriously”

  1. The stupid runs very deep with CNN.

  2. Idiocracy rules!

  3. 1. Oh noes!! Global warming is bigger than we thought.. it affects the whole universe.. kill yourself now and save the UNIVERSE
    2. Gives “gold isn’t backed by the government” a run for it’s money…

    • CO2 the invisble odourless gas that comprises about 0.04% of our atmosphere is the mightiest gas ever known to man..seriously!

      How Much CO2 Is in the Atmosphere and Can That Level Have Dramatic Effects?
      The amount of our planet’s atmosphere that is made up of CO2 is small compared to other gases such as nitrogen and oxygen, so scientists like me don’t track it in terms of percentages. Instead, we use a measurement called “ppm” or “parts per million.” Current CO2 levels are around 391 ppm. This means that for every million molecules in the atmosphere, 391 of them are CO2. (If you wanted to convert that to percentages, it would be 0.0391 percent.)

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