Fireballs in the sky..”Melancholia” final scene..




very interesting video in light of the spate of meteors hitting or being sighted on our rock lately..and i have included the melancholia final scene..not because its about a meteor which it obviously isn’t but because meteors could be a signal from a rogue planet moving into our system pushing debris at us..some posts i will show in the next few days dont discount this fact..that something out there is doing things that the scientists cant quite understand..its a disturbing end scene for me..and why are they sitting in a pyramid anyway?..hollywoods always putting this stuff out there like the the movie “knowing”..and of course the illuminati card..


~ by seeker401 on February 22, 2013.

19 Responses to “Fireballs in the sky..”Melancholia” final scene..”

  1. Another take on this: 🙂

  2. there was a link to this video below, via the video you posted.

    both are of the better vids ive seen the one ive posted explains everything well. he’s an ‘establishment’ scientist but a very loose although thoughtful one. he ties myth and legend of the rise and fall of civilisations together with ‘real science’, to get an answer.

    however, im a sceptic. when all else fails, look to the heavens. that includes doom.

    the number of comets is spooky though..

  3. While i am happy to sit on the fence at this time, i wonder if the scientist took in to account the possibility of more people having access to the internet and knowing where to report the sightings in to his numbers.

    • that was in a comment as well below the video..would have to ask the meteorological group who drafted the numbers..

      • internet has been around for at least 14-15 years..but its worth considering that point and isabel with her link is also a good point..

  4. good point CO.

    statistics, damn statistics, and lies….

  5. well said Cosmik and

  6. Ahh yes, i read a few tech sites from time to time.
    I just read another one i frequent and someone else had been reading up on meteorites,
    The site reported is but the interesting one is
    It is supposed to be a heat map of all known meteorite landings from 2300bc until now.

  7. from isabels link…….”35,972 road deaths in 2007..”

    sounds like the russians need a breathalyser, not dash cams…

  8. Dude those Illuminatti cards are scary shit. One of them showed the twin towers being hit. One of them showed the oil spill, another showing the Pentagon in flames. Those cards really scared the shit out of me.

  9. I don’t know if I should believe all these conspiracy theories, they’re scary!

  10. Hey seek thought you might want to see this

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