Claims Pope’s decision “partly prompted” by claims over influence of gay lobby


Italian daily La Repubblica this morning sensationally claims that Pope Benedict’s resignation was at least partly prompted by an internal report prepared by three senior cardinals, alleging that various lobbies, including a gay lobby, exercise an “inappropriate influence” in internal Holy See affairs.

The newspaper suggests that such was Benedict’s dismay when presented with the details of the report on December 17th that it hardened his long-meditated decision to resign. The internal report prepared by Cardinals Julian Herranz, Josef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi had been commissioned by Benedict himself.

He had ordered it in response to the so-called Vatileaks scandal which culminated with the arrest and subsequent conviction last autumn of the Pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, found guilty of having stolen confidential documents from the papal apartment.

In this morning’s article, it is claimed that the cardinals reported that various lobbies within the Holy See were consistently breaking the sixth and seventh commandments, namely “thou shalt not steal” and “thou shalt not commit adultery”.

The “stealing” was in particular related to the Vatican Bank, IOR, whilst the sexual offences were related to the influence of an active gay lobby within the Vatican.

Last week, when presiding over the Ash Wednesday celebrations in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Benedict spoke of “divisions” which “besmirch” the face of the church. In a famous homily at the 2005 Via Crucis Easter celebrations in Rome, just days before the death of John Paul II, the then Cardinal Ratzinger had spoken of the “filth” in the church, a comment interpreted by many as a reference to the worldwide clerical sex abuse scandal.

However, La Repubblica claims the cardinals’ 300 page report speaks of “Impropriam Influentiam” on the part of various lobbies, some of them of a “worldly nature”, reflecting an “outside influence”. The Rome daily recalls the figure of papal gentleman, Angelo Balducci, accused three years ago of being a member of a gay ring active within the Vatican and involving choristers and seminarians.

The paper does not explain the source of its information on the cardinals report nor does it provide a direct quotation from any part of the report. Rather it claims that its findings are based on information received from an unnamed Vatican source.

A Vatican spokesman this morning had no comment to make on the allegations.

Three cardinals were asked by Benedict to verify allegations of financial impropriety, cronyism and corruption exposed in the so-called VatiLeaks affair.

On December 17, 2012, they handed the pontiff two red-leather bound volumes, almost 300 pages long, containing “an exact map of the mischief and the bad fish” inside the Holy See, La Repubblica said.

“It was on that day, with those papers on his desk, that Benedict XVI took the decision he had mulled over for so long,” said the centre-left newspaper. It said its article was the first of a series.

Panorama, a conservative weekly, did not speculate about the motives behind Benedict’s resignation, but its story about the contents of the confidential report was broadly similar.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi refused to “run after fantasies and opinions” and warned reporters: “Don’t expect comments or rebuttals of what is being said on this issue.”

La Repubblica quoted a man described as “very close” to the authors as saying the information it contained was “all about the breach of the sixth and seven commandments” – which say “thou shalt not commit adultery” and “thou shalt not steal”.

The cardinals were said to have uncovered an underground gay network, whose members organise sexual meetings in several venues in Rome and Vatican City, leaving them prone to blackmail.

The secret report also delves into suspect dealings at the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the Vatican’s bank, where a new chairman was appointed last week after a nine-month vacancy, La Repubblica said, without going into details.


woudnt be surprised if this is partly true..but we cant forget these other points..hes covered up child sex abuse..and hes been the pope whilst the shocking practices of the vatican bank have gone on unchecked which the butler may have alerted authorities to..those alone would be reason to resign..i dont think he has resigned out of shock at the findings here..that doesnt ring true to me..i think its a smokescreen of sorts..


~ by seeker401 on February 23, 2013.

11 Responses to “Claims Pope’s decision “partly prompted” by claims over influence of gay lobby”

  1. I’ve heard about this and it has to be a smokescreen. What happened to the whole talk of the Vatican being taken down, and him facing charges?

  2. How they constantly call Obama a Messiah is really disturbing. if he’s the second coming of anything, it’s Lucifer. So far he’s spent more on war and had more people killed than Bush and these fucking idiots worship cause it’s “cool”.

    This was meant to be this way….There’s a reason he got re-elected. No one is coming to save us from the FEMA camps. The NDAA, and now FEMA is using target practice of civilian posters. In the bible they speak of Babylon, and the tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel is up in New York City, it’s called the United Nations. I seriously believe that America is Babylon and Obama is it’s leader.

    • There are a few things Babylon could be but I have never seen this sort of association with a biblical messiah like I have with Obama. There is something to it.

  3. there’s only one pope left now according to the malachi prophecy….the reign of the caretaker pope is ending.

    doesnt it seem like this whole sham should have disappeared a long time ago. i mean, pope’s have arranged orgies, had open gay companions. engaged in every manner of corruption including and especially banking…this has been known and open for, what, hundreds of years? more than a thousand? and people are still catholics???

    oh sorry… i was lost in common sense there for a second…

    • Not widely known that’s the key point and would have been ignored if presented to any followers anyway and even this scandal won’t deter some. The Internet has changed the ability for information to be circulated and religion isn’t held in as high esteem in western worlds any more so these stories are out of the box now,which some would say is part of the communist protocol ideals to destroy Christianity. But it’s also due to better knowledge and wider ideas from our information highway.

  4. Who told you that God was in the churches or mosques or synagogues or in a pagoda? Have you asked?
    Who said you what love is? Have you asked?
    Who told you that you would have justice and that you would be free?
    Who told you where is the truth?
    I have not found any of this, outside of myself. God gave me the truth, and then left me to find the truth for myself in this world in which I asked him to come: for love.
    I waited for love in a world almost empty of love, I wondered in a world full of lies. I found the pride and vanity, envy and greed, the lust of dominion and even hatred. but without losing hope, I discovered the truth: thank God, I know who I am, why I’m here, where I come from. and no one can erase from my mind the great Love that I came to find. although I have found that both him and me, others wanted to kill us.
    are many, those who want to kill love. much illuminati.
    Many years ago a .. sure he thought he was a “illuminated “, I do not know if he was French, German or English, he said, to a newspaper with international reach, Europe had killed God, and he was so wide because in Europe, people believed in governments elected by the same people. then I felt sorry for his inner poverty expressed in his word, now I get the laugh. now I do not feel sorry for those proud and conceited. but I do not ignore them.

  5. an old video..

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