Images 24/2/13







starship troopers






Archbishop Marini kneels by the coffin of Pope John Paul II during the funeral at the Vatican




another busy week..

these indian ladies show how they will hand out justice if attacked..more power to them..

the scriptures are masonic?

taylor swift doing alice in wonderland..of course..and throwing the goats horns out there at the grammys..

miranda kerr one eye..

rico from the UK, always wearing a skull shirt..

starship troopers doing one eye..another cover girl doing one eye..

timberlake doing a creative one eye..

ed..the kid who sang with elton john recently, doing the one eye..its a monotonous habit!

rihanna one eye..

more artwork with one eye.. *yawn

pope john paul the second and his what is that crucifix and what is that letter meant to mean?

and the latest 2 posters from the DHS/FEMA telling operatives to not hesitate to matter who is in front of you..thanks to Gary for those two..


~ by seeker401 on February 24, 2013.

12 Responses to “Images 24/2/13”

  1. If I had a dollar for everytime Rihanna is in this disturbing imagery, I’d be a rich man.

    Glad I sent you that link that had the posters from DHS/FEMA. Where is the outrage about this? Most people don’t even know. They should be pissed off and doing something about it but no, they are too busy watching American Idol to really give a shit.

    • Ahh got the wrong name. Will fix.

      Rihanna is a serial offender!

      • It’s not a problem mate 😉

        Serial offender in deed. I think it was your blog I seen some years back that showed the screenshot from one of her videos that said 7/7 LOSERS on it. She is the ultimate puppet for them. Everything is just a toy.

  2. the oscarss and oscarPastoriussss oh oh and is out all ready


  4. The Holy Land is your body your spine Jacobs ladder Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 01:56:45 +0000 To:

  5. People in this country are fucking dumb. I showed those pictures I sent to you from DHS and FEMA using for target practice to someone and their response “But that’s the light gate bloggers! They are like the tea party, they are against Obama! It’s BS!” yeah that’s their excuse. Would be hilarious to laugh at if it wasn’t so true and in your face. That’s why there is no outrage over those pictures though. I get it now, no out rage cause the masses are so dumbed down they think it’s normal. Listen to Obama worshippers defend the NDAA. Those idiots would willingly take the mark of the beast and be proud of it, YES there is idiots so stupid they think the NDAA is a good thing.


    You asked “why is the cross longer on one side” over the M on pope’s coffin?? Well, if the “M” is for masonry, then the cross is not a cross at all, but a square, the Masonic square, tipped to look like a cross. Tricky devils. Daniel wrote: “cause craft to prosper” …

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