Ancient impact of a gargantuan asteroid in southern Australia changed the face of the world forever


A gargantuan asteroid which struck Australia more than 300million years ago changed the face of the Earth forever, a new study claims.

The six-mile diameter asteroid left an impact zone more than 120 miles wide – the third largest such site on the planet – and likely led to mass extinctions worldwide.

‘The dust and greenhouse gases released from the crater, the seismic shock and the initial fireball would have incinerated large parts of the Earth,’ said Andrew Glikson, visiting fellow at the Australian National University.

He added: ‘The greenhouse gases would stay in the atmosphere for tens of thousands of years.’

Evidence of the ancient catastrophe was only discovered after another researcher alerted Dr Glikson to unusual mineral deposits in the East Warburton Basin in South Australia.

As the ages have passed, the mammoth impact zone has been buried beneath nearly 2.5 miles of earth.

To identify it Dr Glikson and his colleagues analysed quartz grains drawn from the site and studied underground seismic and magnetic anomalies.

The strike may have been part of an asteroid impact cluster which caused an era of mass extinction, wiping out primitive coral reefs and other species, added Dr Glikson.

However, he added, the impact happened well before the time of the dinosaurs.


pretty close to home this one..the area this occurred in is an actual gold mine..and uranium mine and iron ore mine and copper mine and massive oil deposit and hot rocks etc etc..get the picture? this huge event has made this area into one of the most valuable in the world..


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