Flashback: Cameron – Exposing Paedophiles could be a homophobic witch hunt


The political elite twists and turns, trying to find a way to get off the hook as to their filthy habits. Torturing and raping children, in a word or two.

The oldest trick in the book is being used today. It’s like Rothschild Zionists saying you are anti-Semitic if you oppose their targeting world domination. Here we have Rothschild paedophile Satanists trying to hide behind another cloak, accusing the paedophile victims brave enough to come forward, and very few do, of whipping up homophobia.

How low can you go David Cameron?

Then they use the other one.  Take this to the Police.  What exactly have the Police ever done, other than cover up for the elite child rapists?  Jimmy Savile said, ‘I’m untouchable.’  Any Police that were brave enough to take on the paedophile rings, usually lost their jobs, put on trumped up charges and sacked.

Cameron is rushing as fast as he can to ensure no names are ever exposed.  Who knows?  Maybe he’s one of them.  His priority is clearly to protect rapists, not children.  Watch him squirm.

We’ve got news for you, David Cameron,  This needs not the Police, not yet another enquiry that lasts forever and decides nothing happened after all, while the victims get picked off and mysteriously disappear and die.  This requires you the government to admit that there is a serious problem, with far more to come out yet, about Blair, Mandelson, Dunblane,  Police, Judges and Social Workers.  The story of the paedophile rings needs to be admitted and told.

The law is an ass, in this as in so many cases.  If one child makes allegations against one perpetrator, then it is, as the judges say, one person’s word against another (bar any other evidence).  But when dozens of people bring evidence against a single perpetrator, that is no longer as described by the legal profession.  If the government cannot work out who the paedophiles are in its midst, then here’s a suggestion.  The government should resign, en bloc, and the country be run by people who are willing to get to grips with this issue.  In short, David Cameron, if you are really this useless, you must resign immediately.

You cannot just shelve this issue onto the shoulders of the Police.  They have been proved over and over again as either entirely unable or unwilling to deal with it.  You in government have to look at the evidence yourselves and instruct the courts to hold trials of the accused, and ensure fair trials proceed untampered with by filthy hands operating in the background.  The court hearings must be in public and there must be a jury appointed without fixing its members beforehand.  The cases cannot be held one victim at a time, but with multiple victims giving evidence against single perpetrators.  Anything less, and you might as well admit it now, David Cameron.  No names are going to come out.  No one is going to go on trial.  As far as elite paedophile Satanists are concerned, this is business as usual.

Also hear Cameron going after the internet.  The elites are trying everything.  All they refuse to do is act.  They are scared.  They are guilty and they know it.  This blog will not be going quiet any time soon.  Nor will hundreds of others.  Save our country’s children from wholesale abuse, Cameron, or clear off. That’s the blogger party line.

Continue here: http://the-tap.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/cameron-paedophile-exposure-is.html





The Paedophile Ring that Encircles British Politics

Further to article Parliamentary Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to government nonces. I followed the Giovanni De Stefano connection and was able to supplement the list in the Chris Spivey article with more names taken from the link to Online Publishing Company. These appear below with other relevant information on the Dunblane cover-up. Please visit Online Publishing Company for the full article.


there is a mass of information in these links..a shocking list of members of government who have been charged with abuse..why was cameron trying to stop this exposure by calling it a homophobic witch hunt?..its a pedo hunt..nothing to do with being gay..who were the names on that list he got handed?..thats what i want to know..shine the light on the cockroaches..never let them disappear..


~ by seeker401 on February 25, 2013.

15 Responses to “Flashback: Cameron – Exposing Paedophiles could be a homophobic witch hunt”

  1. There’s so much stuff they hide we’d probably have our eyes pop out of our heads if we knew it all. Of course it don’t shock me that this guy is defending them.

  2. Germany: Whole New Neighbourhoods without Churches….
    In Germany, architecture is being “de-Christianized”. Entire new neighbourhoods and urban areas are being built without a church in them: churches are just not planned in the projects, as if nobody even thought of them.

    The German Catholic news site Kreuz reports on this phenomenon with examples from an article by architecture critic Dankwart Guratzsch in the daily Die Welt.

    In Stuttgart, a large new district was built for 12,000 residents without a church.

    In Hamburg, another new neighbourhood for 12,000 residents was created without a church. Not only that: to realize this project, 19 churches were closed down, probably because they were in the way. Made disappear in the blink of an eye. Under the pretext that nobody had requested them.

    This does not look like an accident, but a plan to make the signs of Christian faith disappear in a cold, calculated, cruel way.

    Writing in Die Welt, Guratzsch quotes the son of the great philosopher Hegel, Immanuel Hegel, who advised: “Build churches!”. Because, adds Guratzsch: “To build churches means to build communities. When the faithful are deprived of the visible testimony of public recognition of their values, the latter are also weakened for the believers themselves”.

    Guratzsch recalls how the same was happening during the time of the German Democratic Republic, communist Germany: churches were being demolished to humiliate, offend, isolate religion and inculcate atheism.

    A Europe without churches and without strong Christian roots and values will be much more vulnerable to a threat similar to communism: Islamization.

    Read more: [link to enzaferreri.blogspot.com]

  3. no churches, no rockspiders? i doubt it…


    • thats opposite to what happened in the early 1800’s in the UK..they encouraged it..

      interesting link..

      • Didn’t the Soviet Union Bolsheviks, during the World War make it difficult if not impossible to attend church? history repeating, trying to bring in their world order again?

  4. Kinda odd how these things are all coming out now isn’t it? UK pedophiles in the highest places, the Vatican’s pedophiles, the Franklin Scandal/Boys Town in the U.S. covered up quickly, but years later followed by the Penn States’ Sandusky and his Second Mile non-profit, which also has a tie to George H Bush again, as did the Franklin Scandal. Why now? Why is all of this coming to light now?

    Cameron’s throwing the gay community under the bus to cover up for the garbage who think they are elite, is probably part of another agenda in itself. I personally believe the gay people are being set up, not unlike the black community and the Muslims who are also set up by scheming politicians, religions and governments, using them to pilfer social monies that never reach the people and then portraying them as the reason for all that’s wrong in society.

    And since we’re repeating history, we have to remember just who is and was on the list of the Reich.

    Cameron’s one of the so called ‘faithful’ who is supporting and calling for gay marriage rights, but I don’t think he gives a damn about the gay community. He’s shady just like the Illinois governor, Quinn the Catholic Jesuit, also calling for gay marriage rights. They are both either hypocrites to their so called ‘faith’ or this is setting people up for something down the road. Something probably very evil in it’s own right. Leaders and politicians don’t ever represent the rights of any common people, so any excuse or reason of their faith not interfering with their governing is straight up BS.

    Another thing about David Cameron, who, according to wiki, claims to be a “real mixture of Scottish, Welsh and English” but fails to even entertain the fact that his great, great grandparents, Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier (and descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita), who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969., and Cameron’s great-great grandmother, Emile’s wife, was a descendant of the wealthy Danish Jewish Rée family on her father’s side. How does that NOT make Cameron part ‘Jewish’? Why doesn’t he acknowledge his paternal ancestry of German and Danish Jews?

    There’s something wrong with all of this, and not just the disgusting, filth on the surface. There’s a reason this shit is being leaked now. They have the means and the power to cover this up as they always have, so who is leaking this within that structure? Some kind of power struggle is happening between the ‘ones’ that have been running the world, in my opinion.

    sorry for the length, I tend to get carried away with this kinda stuff, makes me sick to my stomach – all the deceit and all of the evilness that permeates from the same bloodlines over and over again.

    • makes me sick to..yes cameron is a jew..but he denies it..and a rich one to..also there is a murkiness around one of his kids who is dead.. something about being handicapped or similar..even quotes i have seen accusing him of child abuse..its a dank dirty world out there and we only know the half of it..

  5. david milliband. remember the name.

    • or ed? 🙂

      Born in London, Miliband is the elder son of Jewish immigrants.

      He is the elder son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband. He and his brother, the Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband, were the first siblings to sit in the Cabinet simultaneously since Edward, Lord Stanley, and Oliver Stanley in 1938.


  6. pedophiles are where you least expect it: If you open your eyes, you will see one very close to you. To me, a victim came to tell me, on another occasion I tried to find something very dark in a man, I found something, but I knew that was not all, and when the man was away, God wanted me to see what I needed to see through an image that appeared in my mind after a flax: he raped his daughter. Later, in a job, I learned that the son of a working woman, the father violated the child. and on and on. in all social classes.
    is shocking. I think most have been violated in some way, if not children, was older, and if not physically, was morally. the world has become hell. Hell. And is reigning, LUCIFER.

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