Meteorologist Dominik Jung turns Skeptical after Germany sets record 5 consecutive “Colder-Than-Normal” winters..German scientists “jumping ship”


Big, embarrassing news for German climate scientists.

With 11 days remaining, Germany this year is set for its5th colder-than-normal winter (DJF) in a row (a record), this according to high-profile German meteorologist Dominik Jung at here (photo left). Jung is an often-quoted meteorology expert of the German media.

I’m really quite (pleasantly) surprised because I recall sharply criticizing, even berating, Jung in a post about a year or two ago for believing all the warmist rubbish. I guess five cold, snowy winters in a row have been enough to get Jung to take closer look. His tone and music have changed completely.

Jung begins his post with:

Just a few years ago climate experts prophesied that Germany would no longer experience winters with ice and snow in the future. In the 1990s there had been an entire series of milder and stormier winters. […] However, this trend has not been observed over the last years. To the contrary: winters have again gotten considerably colder and the huge storms like those in the 1990s have more or less disappeared. […]. Climate experts prophesied in the year 2000 that winters with snow and ice in Germany would cease to exist.”

Jung then presents the data for Germany’s last 4 winters and that of the current winter, and compares them to the 1980-2010 mean winter temperature, which was 0.8°C above the 1960-1990 mean.

– 2008/2009: 1.0 °C cooler
– 2009/2010: 2.0 °C cooler
– 2010/2011:  1.3 °C cooler
– 2011/2012: 0.1 °C cooler
– 2012/2013 (so far): 0.4°C. cooler

We should recall that whatever applies for Germany, also applies for much of Central Europe. Moreover, Jung mentions that the results are the same if you compare the five winters to the 1970 -2000 period. Jung summarizes the results:

With the current winter, we now have 5 winters in a row that have been colder than the long-term average! Crafty scientists at first explained that climate warming was just taking a timeout. Strangely, this timeout has now been going on for 5 years without interruption. Accordingly things have gotten very quiet in the climate warming debate.”

Yes indeed it has. Germany’s prestigious research institutes and leading climatologists, such as “internationally recognized” Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif, Head of both the Research Division Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics and the Research Unit Marine Meteorology of the IFM-GEOMAR of Kiel, Germany, and “renowned” Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf of the influential Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK), or Prof. Dr. Jochem Marotzke of the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg are now stumped, baffled and confused by this unexpected development, which completely contradicts their earlier super-computer models. Indeed, most of the German warmist modellers have since gone back and revamped their models, and are now suddenly claiming that the colder winters are actually a sign of global warming! But for much of the remaining German science community, these once prestigious scientists are beginning to increasingly look like laughing stocks of the new century.

Jung did his homework, and also checked to see how the earlier models have been doing for the summers (JJA). Jung writes:

By the way, according to many climate projections, also summers in Germany were supposed to get increasingly drier and hotter. Over the last 10 summers, only one summer was too dry, and that was the summer of 2003. Otherwise all summers were either average or much too wet.”

The models got the summers wrong 9 consecutive years in a row! So expect the Latif and the other hapless scientists to roll out new models soon. Jung continues:

The earlier climate projections and prognoses of the 80s and 90s are more or less way off, at least for Germany and Europe. Because of the current situation with the facts, they simply no longer fit and must be urgently revamped, otherwise we will wind up with credibility problems here.”

Too late. As mentioned above, the scientists are already laughing stocks and many of us have been rolling on the floor with laughter for quite some time. Jung:

People aren’t stupid and they recognise what the facts are. So let’s look and see just how much longer this timeout is supposed to go.”

If he hasn’t done so already, Jung ought to pick up a copy of Die kalte Sonne. It’ll remove any remaining doubts he may have.

There you have it. The climate models have been wrong in the winter 5 years in a row, and wrong in the summer nine years in a row. That’s even far worse then random guessing. This is an incredible performance.

Last week German meteorologist Dominik Jung openly wondered what had happened to all the warming, pointing out that Germany was suffering from its fifth consecutive colder than normal winter – a record!

Earlier this month renowned meteorologistProf. Dr. Horst Marlberg announced that global warming was finished, and that cooling was ahead for the next decades.

Last month German meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt (photo above) dismissed (again) global warming catastrophism.

And just days ago, yet another German meteorology site questioned global warming in a piece titled: “Global Warming Stagnates – Guessing The Causes“. The report begins:

Since 1998 the global mean temperature has not risen significantly. While the global temperature rose by about 0.5°C from the 1970s until the end of the 1990s, it has stagnated for the last 15 years, though at a high level. […] The stagnation surprised a lot of experts, who are now searching for possible causes for this development.” then explains the various theories, writing that the stagnation may be due to weakened solar activity, or because of huge emissions of aerosols over Asia – global dimming – or perhaps because of ocean currents. ends its report with:

The climate system of the Earth is very complex. There are still many interrelationships, factors, and feedbacks affecting the climate that are not known or still not adequately researched. Thus a combination of the above factors is possible for explaining the stagnation in worldwide temperature. But also a completely unknown phenomenon that climate science knows nothing about is possible. Even a natural variation of the climate cannot be excluded.”

The author of this report is getting warmer, and warmer. He’s on the right path, and really only needs to pick up a copy of Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s “Die kalte Sonne“. The book lays it all out on what’s behind climate change. Read it, and decide for yourself. It’s great reading, especially for meteorologists.

One thing is sure: the science of climate change is no longer an open and shut case – not by any means. The consensus that humans are driving the climate is more shattered than ever in Germany, and is crumbling at an increasing velocity.

If Professor Schellnhuber and his PIK wish to implement their “Great Transformation” of global society, they’d better hurry up!


“The consensus that humans are driving the climate is more shattered than ever in Germany, and is crumbling at an increasing velocity.”

Its. Not. Warming.

its just that simple..everyone is saying it except the rusted on warmists..even the IPCC admitted the warming has stopped..the germans are running scared and the smart ones are changing their minds quick smart..the scam is unravelling..but whos going to tell our government leaders?


~ by seeker401 on February 26, 2013.

3 Responses to “Meteorologist Dominik Jung turns Skeptical after Germany sets record 5 consecutive “Colder-Than-Normal” winters..German scientists “jumping ship””

  1. as long as one ‘scientist’ is prepared to stand with a microphone and declare ‘climate change is real’, then he will hold the floor.

    however, ‘they’ can always say cooling is change…climate change. they cant fucken lose…

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