America..Freedom to Fascism



His final film would be America: Freedom to Fascism, a political documentary critical of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve System and warning about the coming of the New World Order.


thanks to D.I.Y. Groover for the link..

the definition of a fascist state is basically the government controlled and run by the corporations..and i include banks in that as well..thats where we are at isnt it? debunk it if you can..why do you think lobbying is one of the most profitable games in town?..we are living in a fascist world under the guise of living free..its an illusion really..we cant see the walls of the prison thats all..

russo had some very interesting information to present..some say it wasnt true..but the facts are that rockefeller was real..and russo knew him..make up your own mind if you think hes lying or telling the truth..and if he was killed or died naturally..

enjoy the video..


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7 Responses to “America..Freedom to Fascism”

  1. is the old one or is at new version ?

  2. As a former government stooge myself for 11yrs i can relate to some of the stories outlined in AFTF by some of the former IRS agents.

    The tactics and methods endured by staff & imposed on the general public are universal in my experience. Like any authoritative government agency keeping people ignorant (try reading any tax code in depth), subservient & fearful is the name of the game (why else would you comply).
    The more ambitious types will always jump on an opportunity to make a name for themselves and will happily apply sledge hammer to ant mentality to those who want to take their chances against the crown.

    And if by some miracle you come out on top, don’t count you’re lucky stars they get you in the end. Expect such common revenge tactic’s like full audits on the last 20 yrs of you’re life looking at such things like associated entities (family/business), retrospective assessments, overseas income, asset valuations, expenditure & adjustments claims, red flagged for ongoing investigations etc. And the kicker, compounding use of money interest from the original due date along with any civil or criminal penalties (tax evasion). The point is they will find something to exploit to make an example of you to send a message to rest of the other sheep not to fuck with them.
    Unfortunately i have been a accomplice in such activities, at least the Mafia give you some chance of a quick goodbye.

    If you think paying you’re taxes is the morally correct thing to do then you would most likely agree the rule of law is something that should be honored and upheld?
    In the following link the legality of income tax and the definition of ‘income’ is being questioned.
    The country concerned is New Zealand and i suspect the constitutions of all the former british empire colonies may be similar.

    Personally i view ‘my physical labor’ in exchange for cash or goods is a private transaction between me and another party.
    If the government want’s me to pay for infrastructure and social services then allow me to do it on fair terms, as opposed to the mandatory & authoritative system dressed up as bullshit voluntary compliance what we have now.
    If the government defines ‘income’ to include ‘wages’ in the ‘tax code’ which is in agreement with the constitution and subject to open public forum, then that would be step in the right direction.
    Get the Law of the land right and then we will talk about taxing my labor.

    • British colonies is correct, of which the USA is one as well. We have been dudded, maritime law.

      It was rand who said they will make so many rules that it becomes impossible for good people not to break the law. Its just a matter of when they decide to knock on your door. Make yourself a target and they will come.

    • Thanks for your story IP.

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