The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State..The Grand Plan for a New World Order


I was sceptical of the 9-11 event from the first time I saw it on television. It was on every major network within minutes. All the guilty partieswere declared before any evidence was shown.The first questions of any criminal investigation were erased.  Who had the most compelling motives for the event? Who had the means to turn two central iconic buildings in New York into a pile of steel and a cloud of dust in seconds?

Other questions soon arose in the aftermath. Why was all the evidence at the crime scenes removed or confiscated?

Who was behind the continuous false information and non-stop repetition of “foreign/Arab terrorists”when no proof of guilt existed? Who was blocking all independent inquiry?

Even 11 years on these questions are still not answered.

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brilliant article by global research..probably one of the best background collations of evidence i have read..its not what happened on the day that is always the smoking gun..its the lead up as well..the evidence is overwhelming..its been the catalyst for everything we have seen bringing their NWO into effect..its not a conspiracy..its cold hard facts and evidence..


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6 Responses to “The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State..The Grand Plan for a New World Order”

  1. I got banned from 3 forums for that picture in this article and I said “no plane hit that building” dumbasses that don’t question the official story of 9/11 are kidding themselves. They just are in total denial. I was too at one point but truth hurts and it sets you free. Look at what has happened since 9/11. We got the patriot act, homeland security, all this massive stuff to rip away the constitutional rights.

    When you apply common sense to 9/11 there is just no way planes hit those buildings, there had never been buildings fall in history from being hit by planes, and the twin towers just fell straight down. This was the plan to bring the NWO right under the march. Bush did it perfect, and he had the best successor in Obama to come up with things like the NDAA to follow the awful patriot act.

    • They always forget building 7 but I don’t. 2 “planes” but 3 buildings came the maths..

    • Something hit the towers (I would suggest it was planes) but that didnt destroy them, that’s the key point. If it was planes I would suggest they were taken over and remotely controlled. And nothing hit building 7.

      • I agree something possibly hit them , but it didn’t bring them down.

        They never bring up building 7, because it’s forgotten about. Remember the BBC reporting it going down and it being the woman during the broadcast? That was hilarious.

        9/11 just proves over and over they did it and couldn’t even cover all the tracks.

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