US pledges $60M in non-lethal direct aid to Syrian opposition..”US gives a wink and a nod to those sending Syrian rebels military aid” – Churkin


The US will provide the Syrian opposition with $60 million in aid, Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Thursday. The non-lethal assistance will include the delivery of food and medical supplies directly to the rebels for the first time.

“No nation, no people should live in fear of their so-called leaders,”Kerry said in a speech after attending a ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting in Rome.

The move aims to increase pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, and pave the way for a democratic transition, Kerry said, adding that the aid is intended to help the opposition govern newly liberated areas of Syria.

“For more than a year, the United States and our partners have called on Assad to heed the voice of the Syrian people and to halt his war machine,” Kerry said. “Instead, what we have seen is his brutality increase.”

But despite the ‘brutality’ comment, Kerry said that Washington will not provide weapons to opposition fighters. The news may be seen as a disappointing blow to anti-Assad forces, who have called for Western arms.

As Russia takes over its month-long presidency of the UN Security Council, the country’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin tells RT, that Washington’s resolve not to provide Syrian rebels with lethal arms still leaves room for concern.

Russia’s term starts on March 1 and will last for one month. The role of the president of the Security Council involves setting the agenda, presiding over meetings, and overseeing any crisis.

On the eve of occupying the presiding chair at the Council, Russia’s envoy to the UN spoke with RT about what will be on the agenda and other acute international issues.

RT: The Syrian opposition has been promised more ‘non-lethal’ help from the US today. Where is the ‘lethal’ support coming from? What’s Russia’s view on that?

VC: There is a general understanding that maybe Qatar is supplying weapons to Syria, but here I am basing myself mostly on newspaper accounts and on previous experience, because it’s well-known now, that in the course of the crisis in Libya, for instance, Qatar happened to be a major supplier of weapons into that country.

You know there is all this talk about non-lethal assistance from the US. There is a certain clear division of labor. The US for a number or reasons chooses not to sully its hands with direct supply of weapons to the armed groups, because among them are terrorists and others, with whom the US would prefer not to be associated.

But at the same time they give a wink and a nod to those who provide direct military aid to rebel armed groups. All this is very unfortunate, because it takes attention away from the need to enter a political dialogue.


“non lethal” aid..for a non lethal war?

they are arming the groups who let off the bombs in damascus last week..the same ones we are fighting in afghanistan..the same ones they backed in libya..and they now blame for libyan unrest..i showed a few days ago how the saudis were arming them as well..they have massive logistical support..and yet assad wont must really be pissing the elites off..

the picture above shows the “new” syrian government..they have set up a government outside of the sovereign one and then cut you off..thats a declaration of war in my opinion..


~ by seeker401 on March 2, 2013.

2 Responses to “US pledges $60M in non-lethal direct aid to Syrian opposition..”US gives a wink and a nod to those sending Syrian rebels military aid” – Churkin”

  1. Non lethal? Are they fucking stupid or what? It’s pretty obvious they want to over throw Assad and put their own dictator in at this point. It’s the American way, rinse and repeat the cycle. This is why when the shit hits the fan and something happens, no one will come to the great USS of A’s aid when they need it. If China invaded us, no one would come to help because we spend all our time bullying other countries and sticking our nose in their business.

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