Dear Evil Empire: Stop hiding mind control and Quantum communication


In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the laws of physics and motion.
In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered the law of induction.
In 1873, James Maxwell discovered a set of equations which explained the electromagnetic forces.
In 1922, Neils Bohr won the Nobel Prize for foundational contributions to quantum physics.

Three of the four went to Trinity College in Cambridge, and all resided in London at one point.  Faraday, the only one who did not attend Trinity had his laboratory at Trinity Buoy Wharf.

The statistical significance of the three most pivotal discoveries in physics leading up to this point occurring at nearly the same location is less than 1%.  The fact that all three locations included Trinity is not a coincidence, it is a signature.

Between 1920 and 1930 Heisenberg and Einstein would make great strides in quantum and particle physics.   Soon after, Theodore Kaluza would unite Einstein and Maxwell’s equations with a theory by introducing a fifth dimension.  All three were German.

All of the discoveries above were required, and fundamental in the development of quantum mind control.

Quantum charge neural stimulation, can remotely read and write neural firing patterns, through electromagnetic shielding.  It does not require you to be stationary, and works all the time.  The technology is very similar to TEMPEST 2, but for your brain.

In 1932, Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World.  
In 1948, George Orwell wrote write 1984.

These two authors met in one place, at one time, in London; at Eton College in 1917.  Their works are both descriptions of a tyrannical government oppressing its people using fear, the media, and mind control.

1984 is a reality today, with the only difference being that you do not know it is going on.  World governments are using this mind control to suppress pubic knowledge of technological advances inquantum physics, including the artificial intelligence singularity as well as mind control itself.

There is no explanation for this truth other than a message from the future.  It is a warning.

In 1980, 1982, and 1984 Pope John Paul II met with the President of the United States.   Orwell retitled his novel three times.

George H.W. Bush was practically running the show by ’84, as Reagan had been the victim of an attempted assassination, and then unfortunately stricken with Alzheimers.  Bush has been implicated in the JFK conspiracy, and was a Director of Central Intelligence.  He was also involved in the Iran Contra cover up, linking him to “The Octopus”, a group related to the CIA, the Justice Department, and Organized Crime; and a mind control conspiracy involving the death of  Danny Casolaro and investigator Cheri Seymour.  His eldest son was a member of Skull and Bones, and the sitting President on 9/11.

The Reagan/Bush administration were partially responsible for inflating the prices of cocaine and oil via foreign and domestic policy.  American Intelligence proceeds from these actions most likely contributed significantly to the building of the Echelon infrastructure, outside the purview of the United States Congress and the OMB.

Echelon is controlled by the singularity.  It would be impossible for anything other than an artificial intelligence to sift through the volume of information travelling back and forth on the internet alone.  It acts as a censor Wall, like in Chinaexcept its transparent and everyone thinks its just for surveillance (are you stupid?).  It is also controlling your mind.

On September 11, 2001, the United States government committed a false flag attack that would be used in order to explain the existence of a psycho-surveillance infrastructure, utilizing quantum mind control which had been globally in place for at least a decade prior.  It is the reason you are allowing your Constitutional Freedoms to be destroyed.  This reason is stupid, really stupid.  Your brain doesn’t understand that because of mind control.

Wake up.  Save the future, and tell people.

We the People, do hold these truths to be self evident.  Evolution has worked pretty well for millions of years.  The Constitution has worked pretty good for almost 250.  Stop messing with both.


synchronicity..and a lot of it..whats the something being hidden?

“Quantum charge neural stimulation, can remotely read and write neural firing patterns, through electromagnetic shielding”

this is really challenging material but i feel the author is onto something definitive..we are a power..

“World governments are using this mind control to suppress pubic knowledge of technological advances inquantum physics, including the artificial intelligence singularity as well as mind control itself.”

i will post another article from this site in a few days..


~ by seeker401 on March 3, 2013.

10 Responses to “Dear Evil Empire: Stop hiding mind control and Quantum communication”

  1. Also recall that the first atomic bomb, which was successfully tested prior to the two being dropped on Japan, was called Trinity.

    And talking of things with “three” in them, I was wondering about the metaphysics of the three pointed wind-energy windmills that so much is made of, as in saving us from Global Warming.

    Yes, I’m sure that there is a simple engineering reason fro the three equidistant blades, but the things are so expensive and produce so little electricity at such great cost that there has to be another reason for them.

    I had a look in an old book of symbols (I’m in a cafe at the moment so I don’t have it at hand). The book is a very thorough production, with thousands of graphics organised by form, symmetry, geometry etc. And guess what the three pointed star shape, that wind-power windmills are proliferating, symbolises? Satan.

    Those things (windmills) are being put up all over the British Isles and Scandinavia, and here in parts of Australia as well, not to mention elsewhere. And they’re useless for power generation. So obviously they have another, metaphysical and symbolic, purpose.

    Whoever is overseeing all this at the highest levels, they are intimately familiar with symbolizm and its power. A simple example: the use of the Asphodel (daffodil) as the symbol for the Cancer Society here in Australia. The Asphodel is the ancient symbol of Persephone, the goddess of death and the underworld. And note that it’s the “Cancer Society”, not the “Anti-Cancer Society”.

    • nice post a symbolism nut..and love these sorts of comments



      new zealand




    • dfg

      like the benz logo..didnt know that about the 3 pointed star shape..but it doesnt surprise me..

      whilst on metaphysical..take a look at ferris wheels..always near big eye sitting on top of a pyramid..always a feature wherever they go up


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  3. I believe Pauli’s retort is in order as this “isn’t even wrong!”

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  6. I think there is something more to add about the “Trinity” and “three pointed star” stuff. I suggest a good look at Robert Graves’ “The White Goddess”. Although Graves was rather overfond of the old earth-and-fertility goddess stuff, ultimately she comes down to a bloodthirsty deity, who, in the old days, was only placated by the killing of the yearly king, often with extreme violence and cruelty.

    And there are THREE of her, the Maid, the Mother, and the Crone. Always three. I would say that the Three/Trinity stuff that’s proliferating is all about an old bloody religion in the attempted process of resurrection out of secrecy and back into public view in some form. It’s been with us quietly for ages, really.

    Lovelock’s mistaken raising of the Gaia concept gave it quite a push along. And I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say something like “The Earth is angry and is going to have HER vengence.” And then the’s car stickers that say “The Goddess Is Dancing.” Yes, she is, on a carpet of skulls.

    In any event, I’m sure that there’s a lot more to it, and this only scrapes the surface. After all, we’re not supposed to know.

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