Images 3/3/13








Bank Saderat





World Trade Centre-1732226


another week of images to digest..

i sense a theme with the first 4 pictures..but maybe thats just my suspicious nature? mickey mouse and one eye..again..

papal events are all the rage right now for obvious reasons so heres a picture of JP being can actually see the gun and hand..

mel gibson meeting lucia..of fatimas secret fame..interesting..

boy george showing us where his loyalties lie..

transhumanisn.. something to look forward to eh?


PS4 logo..not sure why i posted this one.. something about it fascinates me though..

rihanna and kate moss vamping it up and with the one eye of course from ri ri..

the coffin of pope pius..and yes that is a skull and crossbones on the lid..amazing..

20 year anniversary of the first attack on the WTC..if they had come down then..the war on terror would have been in the 90s..


~ by seeker401 on March 3, 2013.

18 Responses to “Images 3/3/13”

  1. that day God wanted me to be there, in the middle, in fact, I thought the shots went directly to me. I thought no one could see me, but this guy looked right at me, then I saw the gun and I tried to dodge the direction he pointed.
    I do not even know who all these people were waiting. when I thought I left, because I thought it would be some famous artist and I had nothing to do with it, I saw the end of a corridor formed by the people, as a car arrived, someone stand up and waving, dressed in white, and at that moment, I saw the boy look at me and immediately, he pointed a gun at me. then I saw how many people were piled on the white man. I only saw the boy and a gun, I did not see who was the person that greeted all people, (do not know if I ever had seen the face of the Pope. I was not watching television but for chance) I knew I had to go back to my bed, my body slept. actually, I felt guilty that the bullets could reach another person. and when I saw that on TV a few days later, I felt fear more than it already was, because, strange things were happening me, I felt controlled, and do not know if it was shortly before or shortly after, I suffered an accident car, which was not an accident, and I lost my memory. And when I thought I already be recovering, other strange things were happening in my life and in my mind. There would come a time when I would find out why of all that.
    my life do not follow the fashion, that is, real life, and so.
    and I assure you, that God continues to look at everything that’s going on. I would not be in this world if it was not thank God.
    this text too long for me, so suddenly, I hope that at least minimally understandable.

  2. The picture with the robot and woman in bed is a scary thought thinking of the countless films they made showing stuff like this. They want to replace humans with robots, because it would further the goal of perfection. Scary to really think about. Ones flaws as a human being can make a great personality. Simple mistakes, you learn from. With a robot? There’s nothing. Pretty soon machines will be doing all our jobs too.

  3. It’s not all one sided on the web though.

    • I enjoyed that! Bigelow is of course one of Cameron’s wives, and he is a total stooge.

  4. Reblogged this on Ramy Abdeljabbar's Palestine and World News.

  5. I forgot to mention Rihanna AGAIN WHAT THE FUCK. She is in these pictures week by week more than anyone else. Talk about the ultimate puppet!

  6. I was among the people, and it was all I saw and some columns. though I had been in San Pedro, Rome, physically, in the year 1989. reconstruct the times of my life, with everything they have done with me, is not an easy task. and this was one the purpose of them. although I know that time I was living in Spain. but my spirit flies wherever God requires my presence: this is my covenant with God, I do what he asks of me.
    I’ve traveled some countries physically, but I have traveled much through my spirit. worldwide, and beyond. Also in time. Therefore, I know who built the Great Pyramid, and Tiahuanco, and who destroyed it. but I am a human being. and all that I have given, almost a life has been: For Love. and I will continue, until we receive all the love that I have come to find in this world.
    Now I will leave something worth listening to, Michael did many good things for me, I gave him everything that I could not use or do in life, so I could get to this point alive. And so, he saw me and sang for everyone, I gave it to him and I authorized him to speak about me and used my words, all in exchange, for the truth and love . No, to be used by the family of Michael, who just looked and continue to look for themselves, or those who killed him, one of the factions who also tried to kill me.

  7. At first I thought the first one was Bjork. Boy George has put on a lot of weight! And, well, since it seems good guys are becoming scarce, I guess a loving robotic one will have to do… LOL.

  8. hey, thats not following the script!!

    • “NORTH Korea’s young leader has riled the US with recent nuclear tests, but Kim Jong-Un doesn’t really want war with the superpower, just a call from President Barack Obama to chat about their shared love of basketball, according to erstwhile diplomat Dennis Rodman, the ex-NBA star just back from an improbable visit to the reclusive communist country.
      “He loves basketball. … I said Obama loves basketball. Let’s start there” as a way to warm up relations between U.S. and North Korea, Rodman told US network ABC’s This Week.
      “He asked me to give Obama something to say and do one thing. He wants Obama to do one thing, call him,” said Rodman, who called the authoritarian leader an “awesome guy” during his trip. The US State Department criticised North Korea last week for “wining and dining’ Rodman while its own people go hungry.
      Rodman also said Mr Kim told him, “I don’t want to do war. I don’t want to do war.”


  9. I do not know who cares about this, but in all forms, I’ll say:

    he replied me: “No one will believe you. You have nothing.”
    After .. I also told him this:
    if I have to say this one day, will be that the world is in dire need of the truth.
    “The others are not going to believe you” he repeated to me

    They will have to believe me!They will have to believe that there is truth!

  10. I read somewhere, can’t remember…maybe reinhardt…..that if they had taken down the WTC in ’93, the internet wouldn’t exist as we know it…….not sure why…do you?

    • yes that was reinhardt theory..the net wasnt meant to come out that early..they werent ready to control and monitor it..they now needed a bubble and they couldnt use the war on the net was com bubble late 90s and into comes down and we have the war on terror..all the damning docs from dot com bubble and other fraud went down in wtc 7 and also important paperwork you would presume in the twin towers..i may have generalised a bit but thats what i remember..

  11. Seeker, so I replied to Michael, about 27 years ago and immediately he began to transform his image, and many other things. I gave it to him. could be that one day, we hear Michael sing those words, as many other important phrases have been heard, thanks to Michael.
    by then the world was very bad. but now, we have the world above us, when we should be on it. and all be fulfilled. and whether it has complied with the bad, and we have many truths in our knowledge, we have now, that good, it also complies.

    Revelation: 12
    15 The serpent poured water jlike a river out of his mouth after the woman, to sweep her away with a flood. 16 But the earth came to the help of the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river that the dragon had poured from his mouth.

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