Cuban medicine killed Hugo Chavez?..Indigenous leader assassinated in Venezuela


There is perhaps no worse political disaster for the government of Cuba than the death of President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. After the Soviet Union collapsed and ceased to subsidize the Castro regime, the government of Cuba went through a very difficult period. That is, until President Chávez picked up the tab.

While the real amount of the subsidy is unknown, Venezuela does send more than 115,000 barrels of oil a day to the refinery at Cienfuegos and pays for tens of thousands of Cuban doctors and sports trainers who are deployed all over Latin America. The true amount is probably significantly north of five billion dollars a year.

If there was anybody that could expect the very best Cuban medicine had to offer, it was the Castro’s five billion dollar man. This makes the upcoming death of Chávez that much more embarrassing for the Castros, because the velocity at which the strongman has deteriorated is due in no small part to the incompetence of the Cuban doctors at Cimeq – the hospital of choice for the communist party leaders.

According to Dr. Jose Marquina, who has become well known for having the only information on the Venezuelan president’s condition that has proved over time to be accurate, the Cuban doctors are at least partially at fault for the Venezuelan leader’s imminent demise. He has said that the Cubans misdiagnosed the cancer, treating Chávez with chemotherapy and other treatments designed for the wrong type of cancer. This made the disease resistant and impossible to treat, while causing other complications which affected not only Chávez’s life expectancy but also the quality of what life remained.



On Sunday the leader of the Yukpa people, Sabino Romero, was assassinated in Machiques de Perijá, a town in the state of Zulia in western Venezuela. The Venezuelan government has assigned a team to investigate the motives behind the death of the indigenous leader.


RIP hugo and RIP sabino..the fact this indigenous leader is killed at this very point in time is significant..with hugo now dead there is a growing vacuum waiting to be filled..i think the 2 events are connected on some synchronicity level..

cuba to blame?..was the cancer an elaborate assassination plot from the west?

will there be a new election now?


~ by seeker401 on March 6, 2013.

21 Responses to “Cuban medicine killed Hugo Chavez?..Indigenous leader assassinated in Venezuela”

  1. Foxnews as a source? come on mate…
    Other sources state that Venezuela just sent a USA military, capable of poisoning, home…

    • i posted it for a reason..because its an example of the western news looking to build a meme..not everything i post is an endorsement 🙂

      if they knew the USA guy was a poisoner why wait till hugo dies to send him home?..dont think its connected tbh, might be something else and they are using the death as the excuse to expel and if CNN is on it..well..

      CNN breaking news:

      “On Tuesday, Venezuela accused the domestic and foreign enemies of Venezuela of attacking Chavez and expelled 2 U.S. Embassy officials who it said was seeking military support for a plot against the government.”

      • note i wrote:

        “cuba to blame?”

        not..cuba IS to blame.. 🙂

        i have added a question mark to the title now to make it more obvious..

  2. Only God knows.Just watch and pray.May there soul rest in peace.

  3. Have misread your comment to the article. Tx for your prompt response.

  4. Hugo Chavez – A freemason died…

  5. I think the U.S. is going to put their own dictator in now so they can control that country.

  6. Oh and he’s a jew? Yeah they’ll make sure he gets in now. Won’t be surprised if this was intended to be. They probably did kill him off to make way for their puppet.

  7. The Venezuelan president himself, before he died yesterday, wondered aloud whether the US government – or the banksters who own it – gave him, and its other leading Latin American enemies, cancer.

    Another CIA assassination victim

    A little over a year ago, Chavez went on Venezuelan national radio and said: “I don’t know but… it is very odd that we have seen Lugo affected by cancer, Dilma when she was a candidate, me, going into an election year, not long ago Lula and now Cristina… It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It’s at the very least strange, very strange.”

    Perkins, during his career as an “economic hit man,” gained first-hand knowledge about how the big international bankers maintain their empire in Latin America and elsewhere. Perkins’ job was to visit leaders of foreign countries and convince them to accept loans that could never be paid back. Why? The bankers want to force these nations into debt slavery. When the country goes bankrupt, the bankers seize the nation’s natural resources and establish complete control over its government and economy.

    CIA killed Hugo Chavez?

    The “asteroids” are the world’s most expensive and accomplished professional killers. They work on contract – sometimes to the CIA, sometimes to the bankers, and sometimes to wealthy private individuals. And though their specialty is causing plane crashes, they are capable of killing people, including heads of state, in any number of ways.

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    Vendetta thx for the vid not one not one get on those positions without they’
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    also check is l odges in C uba too

  9. It’s highly possible that Hugo caught cancer infection on his visit to the UN few years ago, and after chemo his imunity was very weak it seems, so another viral infection could have been the cause of death..

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