An alien link between physics,Huxley,Orwell,and the Fall of Man

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In 1917, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley met at Eton College. Huxley briefly taught Orwell, and neither cites this time period as having anything to do with their inspiration for their disutopic prophesies. Regardless, their meeting is no coincidence, they were chosen by a force to deliver a message, one that is much larger than each of their individual masterpieces individually. They are collective proof of a telepathic force which routinely alters the course of human events, using the very mechanism by which these prophetic works were delivered.

Taken as Biblical allegory, Eton has an awful strong semblance to Eden. Out of Eton, came two works of art, which describe the proverbial fall of man. I stumbled upon the 1917 meeting, and found it hugely significant because of what I was looking for. Almost six months ago, I was searching through our history looking for the mark of a mind control influence on humanity. The parameters for the force I was looking for were simple: it was a piece of technology, something that could alter the thoughts of humans once they came in contact with them at any one time at any one place. It did this by using quantum entanglement to “connect” to the mind, and once this connection was made it would never be severed regardless of distance or time. What I found was probably akin to falling off of a toilet bowl and drawing a Flux Capacitor.

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synchronicity..its all around us..the apple..perhaps the oldest esoteric symbol of all time besides the pyramid..thoughts on the article? is there a link?


~ by seeker401 on March 7, 2013.

22 Responses to “An alien link between physics,Huxley,Orwell,and the Fall of Man”

  1. talking abot recurring themes. i watched ‘promethius’ yesterday. it has the same parasitic alien as in the totally unrelated film ‘alien’, almost exactly the same as in the series ‘stargate sg1’, and the parasite in ‘alien vs predator’. there are probably other movies with this creature in it.

    they all have the same reproductive pattern that sees them become a hybrid with their hosts. you have to question the imagination of the writers of these scripts….or question why they decide to replicate the same ‘fictional’ alien over and over again…?

  2. The “apple” is very significant. Again, see Robert Graves’ “The White Goddess”. The apple is the fruit symbolizing Venus, Inanna, Ishtar etc. Take an apple, cut it through the middle at right angles to the core, and you see an array of seeds describing a five pointed star. The five pointed star is a universal symbol of the Occult, and when it’s inverted, it symbolizes the malefic use of the Occult.

    Of course, universal oneness of consciousness (which is all there is, despite this insane and temporary illusion we call “reality”) would have no need for anything occult. But if one shows any sign of awakening into universal oneness, then you will start to encounter the efforts of the occult to stop you. You will encounter both mental and physical interference of various types. I can vouch for this personally.

    Another topic mentioned in the article is depopulation. An interesting First Round of depopulation started in the mid sixth century AD, with an outbreak of deadly plague that lasted from the 540s to the 740s AD. On its first arrival in Constantinople in the 540s, it was killing 16,000 people a day at its height.

    What is very interesting in this connection is that there is an eyewitness description, from a Middle Eastern chronicle, of the advanced technology that was used to artificially spread the disease. I can supply this if you’d like.

    • yes i would be very interested in that seeing that description re the deadly plague..

      “Take an apple, cut it through the middle at right angles to the core, and you see an array of seeds describing a five pointed star.”


  3. just looking at the cover of this promethius video…..

    restricted. MA15. strong science & fiction violence.

    WTF!!! strong science!! haha.

  4. thx Andrew for YOUR insight 🙂

  5. Hello again. The extract below is from the eighth century AD Chronicle of Zuqnin, in Syria, but the original eyewitness was John, Bishop of Ephesos, who saw it all, and who also witnessed the massive death toll of the plague. John’s description was only preserved, it seems, by chance, because there appear to have been successful efforts to expunge this information from the record. This censorship of the historical record was carried out soon after the events.

    The “apparitions” seen at the start of the Great Plague, described from the Chronicle of Zuqnin for the year 543/44.

    “Now when the plague became momentous, it started to cross the sea toward Palestine and the region of Jerusalem, while terrifying phantoms also appeared before people at sea. As the pestilence was spreading from one place to another, numerous spectres of boats of copper were seen, in which what looked like headless people were sitting, holding poles of copper. They moved along in the sea in this way, and were seen going where they were destined to go. These dreadful spectres were seen in every region as shining copper and in the form of fire, especially during the nights. Likewise, headless black people were seen, sitting in the shining boats, going along quickly in the sea, in such a way that people almost expired while looking at them! Those boats were seen going toward Gaza, Ashkelon and Palestine, and with their appearance came the beginning of the plague.” (Chronicle of Zuqnin, Part III, pp 96-97.) The translator indicates that parts of this are reconstructed. There are other translated versions of this from other editions, but the sense of them is clear enough.

    I take the shapes of “headless black people” to possibly be pressurised tanks of plague bacillus, and the “poles of copper” to be the dispersal apparatus.

    The above description from the bishop John of Ephesos is unique, in my experience. I have trawled through hundreds of primary historical sources, and there are a reasonable number of accounts of what might be called encounters with other-dimensional beings and such which might be called fairies, or the Good Folk, in later times. But this account from John of Ephesos is unique in the type of thing it’s describing.

    It must be mentioned that spectres or apparitions are fairly often associated with plagues in the Middle Ages. And I don’t think that the people at the time were simply hallucinating.

    • that is fascinating andrew..i didnt even think of something like the tanks being headless people.. would they have also been on some sort of fast boat?

      was this plague directed at a certain group of people? and if so did a certain group also not become infected to any great degree? i guess i am inquiring as to who would have been behind this?


    inverted pentagram? check the lyrebird logo.

  7. wouldnt need it. infect one person in each reigon and the toll would be massive. if a dispersal method would be needed, i envisage an advanced society would create something more sophisticated.

  8. The description seems clear enough, within limits. Obviously it was described in language that reflects the world of the writer. What is notable about the plague was that it was “unprecedented” (to use a word favoured by the manufacturers of Global Warming/Climate Change etc), and that it always spread from the coast. These “apparitions” appear to be waterborne craft of some sort, simple as that.

    Trade in essential commodities was most efficiently carried out by sea or river in Late Antiquity, as it is today. The great cities were all on the coast or on major waterways or on rivers with not-too-distant access to the sea: Constantinople on the Bosporos, Antioch on the Orontes, Alexandria on the sea-side of the Nile delta, Ephesos on the Aegean coast, Ctesiphon on the Tigris, etc. Jerusalem was an exception, due to its anomalous religious significance, but there are always exceptions. This means that the most efficient way of propagating the plague would be to disperse it along coastlines, and human commerce would do the rest, taking it everywhere in a world where people had no idea of germ theory.

    I’m not aware of any racial group or class group or whatever who were unaffected by the plague. It appears to have killed massively without selection.

    As to who was behind this…

    One needs to think of this “world” as something like property, or a farm that produces energy, or an estate, which is in need of management from time to time. If , for whatever reason, a massive output of energy from fear (a prime metaphysical energy source) is needed by our “owners”, then a suitable event is put together using the requisite technology. Technology that ours is probably always a poor version of.

    As an aside, I mentioned the word “unprecedented” above. It is often (but not always) used in publications as a signifier, an indicator that the publication containing it has to be propagated throughout the media. It also has a certain rhythmic beat to it, just as the oft repeated phrase “weapons of mass destruction” has a rhythmic beat to it. This is intentional, as the beat has a hypnotic effect which helps it sink into the so-called subconscious. This is VERY important to our masters, as our subconscious is wide open in an alpha state when we are watching TV or similar media.

    Enough for the moment.

    • “a massive output of energy from fear (a prime metaphysical energy source) is needed by our “owners”, then a suitable event is put together using the requisite technology. Technology that ours is probably always a poor version of.”

      that is most definitely how it works today..

      “as the beat has a hypnotic effect which helps it sink into the so-called subconscious.”

      totally agree..

      i did a google news search for “unprecedented”, amazing amount of use in only 24 hours:

      google images for unprecedented..i sense a theme:

  9. Some current ‘unprecedented’ headlines that seem important.

    Apple Just Did Something Unprecedented

    The Unprecedented Saudi Purge: by the Numbers
    By MONEY MORNING STAFF REPORTS, Money Morning • November 10, 2017

    Nasdaq is Having An Unprecedented Year and Just Hit Historic Record

    With Senate vote, Wisconsin joins call for unprecedented convention to amend U.S. Constitution
    Nov 8, 2017

    U.S. Senate Democrat Al Franken decries Facebook’s and Google’s ‘unprecedented’ control of the press
    Thursday, November 9, 2017

    Iran’s Meddling in Lebanon is Unprecedented

    UN Warns about Unprecedented Famine In Yemen

    Nation’s Top Cancer Doctors are Asking People to Drink Less in Unprecedented Warning

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