Russia warns UK on arming Syrian rebels..Kuwaiti whistle blower discloses secret Syria war-plan


Any attempt by the UK to arm Syrian rebels would be a breach of international law, Russia has warned.

It comes after David Cameron suggested the UK would consider vetoing an extension to the European Union’s arms embargo on Syria.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is London for talks with the foreign secretary, made it clear Moscow would oppose any move to supply arms.

William Hague said the UK had “not ruled out anything in the future”.

The British government has already promised to give “non-lethal” assistance to forces opposed to President Assad.

Up to 70,000 people have been killed in Syria and a million refugees have fled the country since the crisis began two years ago.

The latest UN figures show that two million have been internally displaced, while 400,000 have fled abroad since the start of the year, with the largest number seeking shelter in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. The UK has provided £139m to help run refugee camps.

During a press conference following a meeting with his British counterpart, Mr Lavrov said: “In our point of view it [arming the Syrian opposition] is a violation of international law.”

But Mr Hague said it wasn’t clear how grave the situation would become, adding: “We have never ruled out anything in the future.”


The spokesperson of Russia´s Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich criticized the United States for its biased interpretation of the Geneva Communique on Syria, and for US State Department Speaker Victoria Nuland´s statement, that the USA will continue aiding the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. US – Russian relations have been frozen since US Secretary of State John Kerry granted additional USD 60 million for the subversion. The recent revelation, by a member the general secretariat of Kuwait´s National Party, according to whom the USA and Qatar are planning to divide Syria into small-states, is likely to further cool down east-west relations.

In interviews with international media, Lukashevich said, “Public statements by representatives of the US administration in support of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces in fact point to a one-sided interpretation of the Geneva Communique”. Lukashevich continued, “This naturally complicates the search for ways to put an end to the armed confrontation in Syria and put the conflict on course for an all-Syria dialog”. Lukashevich asserted Russia´s position by stating, “The Geneva consensus leaves no room for any ‘interpretation”.

US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on the other hand stated, that the USA remains committed to trying to support both the Syrian Opposition Coalition and others inside Syria who believe in using Geneva and trying to implement it now, adding, that the USA thinks it is the best way to end the violence.

Continuing the US “regime change” discourse, Nuland stated, “From our perspective, there’s no way that mutual consent would ever be given to Assad or regime members with blood on their hands”. Nuland criticized Russia for not asserting its influence over the Syrian government and President Assad for him and “the regime” to step down, implicitly blaming Russia for the fact that more than 70,000 people had died in the conflict already.

Russia on the other hand reiterates, that it has no particular interest in seeing President Assad remaining in power, but that Russia is concerned about an eventual power vacuum in the case that he should step down, and Russia opposes US regime change policy and the US habit of interfering into sovereign nations affairs to serve its own agenda.


body language in the first

gotta love the whistle blowers.. thanks to nutzo56 for the second surprise there..qatar and usa conspiring..qatar again!

the game plan..and i believe the UK IS arming syrian they breached international law?


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