Death Of The UK Press?



On 18 March 2013, the deputy editor of the Telegraph, tweeted: “We can never again lecture a Mugabe or a Putin on freedom of expression.”

The UK parliament (some of whom are allegedly “a bunch of child abusers and fascists”) has agreed to the setting up of a powerful new press regulator designed to prevent the public from learning that some of our leaders may be “a bunch of child abusers and fascists.”
The independent regulator (expected to be run by the CIA and its friends) will have powers to impose fines and demand prominent corrections, and courts will be allowed to impose exemplary damages on newspapers that fail to join the body.All three party leaders hailed the ‘historic’ deal, sealed in the office of the Labour leader Ed Miliband, whose father was a Polish-Jewish-Marxist.

The deal was sealed by Prime Minister David Cameron’s policy adviser, the Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, a Jewish gentleman who has worked for the Rothschilds.

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – representing 57 member states – warned that the new regulator could threaten freedom of expression in the UK.

Of course, the CIA and its friends already control the key position in the UK media.
In 1995, the actor Hugh Grant was arrested for soliciting prostitute Divine Brown.One of those who campaigned for stricter regulation of the press is the actor Hugh Grant.

“The press should now take revenge and never print one single word about Hugh Grant, his movies, his life, his friends or anything else. No matter how much he begs for the publicity he craves when it suits him. Just say No!”- stevie-boy , Angeles-City, Philippines, 19/3/2013 05:27


see the fingerprints behind it?

im proud to say the similar type bills proposed in australia have been thrown out..but of course we didnt need any reform..there was never anything wrong here to change..they tried to use the UK hacking events as a trigger but it didnt was a blatant attempt by the government to muzzle all dissenters..its that damn simple..scary though how close it came to getting through..i wouldnt want to be  a blogger or social media user in the UK now..


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  1. Ain’t Oz part of the german battenberg thiefdom?

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