25,000 US deaths linked to sugary drinks..180,000 worldwide



In a study that’s sure to shake up the soda ban debate, Harvard researchers have linked the sugary drinks to 180,000 deaths a year worldwide, 25,000 in the United States alone.

“We know that sugar-sweetened beverages are linked to obesity, and that a large number of deaths are caused by obesity-related diseases. But until now, nobody had really put these pieces together,” said Gitanjali Singh, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and lead author of the study presented today at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans.

Singh and colleagues spent five years putting the pieces together. Using data from national health surveys around the world, the team tied sugar-sweetened beverages to 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 44,000 deaths from cardiovascular diseases and 6,000 deaths from cancer in 2010.

The study adds to mounting evidence that sugar-sweetened beverages, loaded with calories that carry little nutritional value, are a public health hazard.

“I think our findings should really impel policymakers to make effective policies to reduce sugary beverage consumption since it causes a significant number of deaths,” said Singh, adding that she thinks “cause” is an appropriate word despite the limitations of the association study.

The American Beverage Association criticized the study, which has yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, calling it “more about sensationalism than science.”


keep in mind this is only from obesity..this doesnt include the other ways this shit will destroy you..and there are plenty of other ways..when you realise that its cheaper for people living under the poverty line to buy soda and burgers than it is to buy milk and fruit..you have a real problem..


~ by seeker401 on March 24, 2013.

21 Responses to “25,000 US deaths linked to sugary drinks..180,000 worldwide”

  1. Most people can afford milk and fruit but they choose not to. I grew up on sodas, then when i was about 20, i stopped drinking them and was drinking only water and milk, because where i worked we only got water. After a few months, I got to the point where sodas tasted nasty to me. I can drink natural stuff like Apple juice or orange juice, I love green tea, but sodas, just make me gag. I can barely drink a coke today.

    Once you get away from all that and it’s not digesting in your system constantly, it becomes gross to you.

    • You might be surprised. Compare a litre of milk to a litre of coke. A bunch of bananas with 6 of them versus 6 cheeseburgers from Macpoison.

      • I used to know this old man who ate at burger king every morning for breakfast (sometimes lunch too) for at least 12 years. he was 72 when he died, but he ate there every single morning. He had a massive heart attack, and as soon as someone said “well maybe eating at Burger King everyday for a decade had something to do with it” they quickly went hush hush and told us it was old age.

        If you go back to the 1940’s during the great depression over 40% of our economy depended on agriculture and farming. Just compare pictures of people from that time to people of today. Most of them had a healthy body and were strong fit. Today we are either obese or super skinny.

        I don’t think it’s just the fast food chains doing it, people are lazy. My family is just like that. Growing up, they built a Mcdonalds right down the road from us, after that mom didn’t want to cook every friday, sometimes we would eat out 3 times a week just because she was tired and didn’t want to cook. I would stop eating that shit after the 2nd time of the week and get bitched out over it. I just would rather starve then feeding myself that shit every day as a kid.

        • it is a combination of the shit food and the lack of exercise and even mental stimulation definitely..

  2. Oh it’s like this 20 y/o aussie who lost all of his teeth because of drinking coke only. Fruits are cheap: grow a tree before the psychopathic übermensch declare Nature totally illegal.

    • I saw that guy. He was addicted worse than heroin.

      • That comment made me wanna watch Trainspotting again, glad i did. Thanks 401.

        “We start off with high hopes, then we bottle it. We realise that we’re all going to die, without really finding out the big answers. We develop all those long-winded ideas which just interpret the reality of our lives in different ways, without really extending our body of worthwhile knowledge, about the big things, the real things.

        Basically, we live a short disappointing life; and then we die.

        We fill up our lives with shite, things like careers and relationships to delude ourselves that it isn’t all totally pointless.”

  3. is ted but is at good lecture
    and other problem : most PLP don’t know how to cook is cheaper cook from scratch than fast-foood
    even the grocery list from DrLi is affordable some example tea is cheap than s oda

  4. Oh seek like your reply to me, yeah it’s all that combined. mental stimulation, that is what they have their idiot box for, oops I mean ‘television’ to sit there and tell them what to think.

    Lord man I tell you, I seen it the other day. My friend invited me over for dinner. Those two could not keep their eyes off the TV for anything. It could have been a tornado outside and they wouldn’t know it. They had dinner watching the damn thing. He walks in from the bathroom and just stands there in the middle of the hallway staring at the thing. I kept trying to talk to them, and they were ignoring me like zombies glued to that thing. i won’t be going over there to have dinner again just for them to act like I’m some weirdo that don’t fit in with the cool club since I didn’t watch TV with them.

    isabel you are totally right on that. When i first moved out I learned that. I see people that are so addicted to sodas, just blow all your money on them instead of saving a few dollars, buying some tea boxes to make at home. Also home cooked tastes better! It’s epic laziness. Who wants to eat out when the real cooked thing tastes so much better.

    • damn box is the best tool the government ever invented..there is nothing better..and really..what good has it done for us?..is there anything that we couldn’t live without or find in another area that it provides?

      • It’s the greatest weapon ever created. No it don’t do us any good, just gives us an illusion to live by. The opiate of the masses, they are so addicted to it. What good has it done? I guess the good is how much they’ve brainwashed the masses. Look at how they treat black people on there. Anytime it’s some crime, they show black people and target them. They never really balance it, like the welfare shit. They show black people everytime it’s a welfare story even though 65% of all people on welfare are white.

        It’s like they don’t want to make their audience feel bad, so they constantly make excuses for them. Look at the celebrities. If Lindsay Lohan was Hispanic or Black, they wouldn’t be sympathizing for her. Same with music. They still call Marvin Gaye a woman beater and say he had it coming when he was murdered, but they sit there and sympathize for Vince Niel of Motley Crue who killed someone drinking and driving. “Oh he was pushed to the edge” yeah right.

  5. F louride inTea 😦

  6. […] 25,000 US deaths linked to sugary drinks..180,000 worldwide […]

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