Images 24/3/13


meryl_streepangels in america

obama shake 2


Art of Disney - 666



09_114948492 vatican 2 precession




hot ass and demons

yhly8trm0000papal coin 1582



the weeks get busier! lots of vatican inspired pictures..still 🙂

newsweek cover noting the nwo elite..see the handshake above obama?..and pope benedict is on the list..

meryl streep showing her allegiance.. publicity shot for “angels in america” which apparently was some sort of crass tv show about angels..

rare photo of obama getting an award, note the handshake and can you see the letter in the background? “G” 🙂

sharon and bush..look at their mirror image of the same weird pattern..

disney 666..fairly easy to see..

olivia newtown john and “magic” ONJ exposed video and you may get quite a shock at what this wholesome aussie has been up to her whole life..

botticellis..The Abyss of Hell..

interesting picture of the cardinals in the 1958 or 1963 conclave..

the return of king arthur..camelot..wheres merlin?

kim k getting a blood nice?

the new wizard of oz..but the old themes remain..

bush snr bush jnr and jebs son in a family picture..but what is that thing on the right in the background??

papal cojn from 1582..see the goat?

and the upside down cross..its not a good matter what the vague realty of it is..we all know what its associated with these days..


~ by seeker401 on March 24, 2013.

5 Responses to “Images 24/3/13”

  1. Nice set 401.
    Don’t know if it is a dupe (sorry if it is) but saw that obama sosie:,94983.php

  2. no, i said, ‘who’s merlin’…?

  3. its a serious question, if what is supposed to be ‘truth in front of our eyes ‘ is concerned. i loved the series ‘merlin’. the ending was unexpected and perhaps prophetic?

    so if ‘arthur’ is back in court, so is merlin. who could merlin be? seriously? i still think there is something special about david milliband…

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